Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just another rant from a poor, uneducated and uninformed Democrat

If health care isn't a civil right, then what is it I ask? A privilege then? How so exactly? If you develop or are even born with a pre-existing condition, and are either denied insurance coverage altogether or are asked to pay thousands a month in premiums and have a morbidly high deductible, is that just your fault somehow? Are you being punished by God? Are only the "privileged" ones "deserving" of insurance? Is that what you conservatives think? These people deserve what they get? That they want handouts? I just don't get it.

Would you prefer the insurance industry control your lives and make piles, upon piles, upon piles of money on you or the government?

50% of all bankruptcies are medical bill related. Premiums have doubled in the last 10 years alone. Imagine what they will be in 50 years. They project something like more that half the population will not be able to afford insurance by then. And once again it's not the poor or rich - it's the middle class who is going bankrupt. If the middle class fails - the country fails. Let's look to the future. Is it that hard to look ahead a few years? Really?

Competition is one of many answers. We have a President who's willing to give it a go. At least he's trying to come up with a solution. The opposition offers none such that I've heard. They only complain, bring guns to Presidential rallies and shout "Nazi" and "Communist."

I remember the good old days when being a Democrat was just plain liberal. Now it's Socialist, Marxist, Nazi, and Communist. Wow, that's a lot of meanings for so little a word. Oh, and I forgot if your a Dem you're poor, uneducated and lazy (code word for a minority).

Just like this guy. Just a regular hobo Democrat.

And now according to some of you I need to worry about this guy -
The Health Reform Robot who wants to control our very lives!
Watch out people! He means to make sure we all have access to some health coverage of some sort! Even you sick people! He means to help cut costs and keep 1 in every 700 medical dollars being spent in this country from going to the CEO's of giant mammoth insurance companies!
Perish the thought!!
Hide your children from this world ending monster!
And once again I'll end with my all time favorite line:
Good friggin' grief.
(That's code for I think you're nuts.)
Oh, and one more tiny point..
Promote - move up to a higher rank or position; help forward; begin the process of forming or making.
Provide - make preparation; supply or equip, get in what will be required.
Those two definitions sound pretty ambiguous to me.
So in other words -
It's no longer the 1700's! Times and circumstances change.
It's called life.

Monday, August 24, 2009

As the crazies line up once again I say, I love being a Democrat!

Thank you Carlos for bringing this to my attention. And as he says, honorable mention goes to Washington Congressman Rick Larsen: "I've got facts on my side, you've got Glenn Beck."

I couldn't agree more.

And the winner is.....

Glenn Beck mocking the Holocaust. Wonderful.
I see it is possible to make his name as big as his giant head.
What an embarrassment to his religion.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The "I've-got-mine-so-screw-you" mentality

I'm tired of hearing the horror stories. I'm tired of hearing the all out lies. I'm tired of supposedly "intelligent" people in Congress still professing Obama was born in Kenya and that if health reform passes our grandparents will be killed by the government. These are the people making the laws of our country. How proud I feel.

I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person. I'm generally willing to give people, including those in political office the benefit of the doubt, to a certain degree anyway. For instance, I didn't agree with most of what Bush did in office, but I never demonized him, or compared his leadership to probably the worst political regime in centuries. In fact, it's become so popular now to refer to the "Nazi regime" whenever you disagree with Obama, that it's lost its effectiveness. I don't hear anything you say. I just think you're crazy. Nuts. Stupid. The only people actingly Nazi-like are those that keep professing it. Seriously such hate. Really something to be proud of, that I've-got-mine-so-screw-you mentality. And now they're bringing their guns.


I'm tired too, of hearing about health care rationing, when currently it's the insurance companies denying care. Blue shield denying high-tech cancer care even if a doctor recommends it. Cigna denying a liver-transplant to a 17-year-old who is now dead because of it. And then there's my most favorite one of all: you'll wait forever for care like the dreaded Canada. But according to a study by the Commonwealth Fund, Americans wait longer to see primary-care physicians than patients in Britain, Germany, Australia, or New Zealand - all countries with strong-public health systems. Hmm, how interesting. We pay more for our health care than any other country and yet we have some of the worst care and millions without any coverage at all. Another proud moment.

As far as I'm concerned being able to receive health care is a civil right. Everybody should have the right to receive quality care regardless of how sick they are or how much money they make. It's called human kindness. It's called taking care of each other and working together for a solution. It's not bringing up the Nazis. That's just weak and cowardly in my opinion.
Grow up people.