Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Insanity Point #3

I took the girls swimming today at the local pool, and as I was headed out I overheard this conversation:

Man #1: Soon we are going to be a second rate county.
Man #2: That's what Obama wants.
I almost walked over there and asked him if that was seriously what he believed.

Really??? The man who fought to give all citizens the right to health care wants to destroy America? The man who talks constantly of an America full of opportunity for all wants us all to suffer? The man who puts billions into improving our education and into fighting the correct war wants America dismantled?

I could not believe my ears.

This is exactly what John Stewart was talking about.

You may not agree with Obama. You may not like his policis. You may not think his decisions will solve all of the problems we currently face. But to go around saying Obama- the President of the United States- wants us to become a second rate country is ignorant at best and detrimental to our society at worst.

We are ALL Americans. We are ALL on the same team. Including Obama.

Let's stop name calling and accusing each other and instead find common ground to work together to fix the things that are wrong with this country, instead of destroying it from within.

And Man #2- find something more useful to do with your time than spread hate and lies.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

THE Article

I posted this article on Facebook:
The main purpose I posted the article is due to the overall premise that blaming health insurance premium hikes on the new Health Care Bill is untrue. Please feel free to read the article- it is not too long.
I believe there are a million lies/untruths/misinformation out there about the health care bill.
First and foremost, people should STOP calling it "Obamacare." It is not Obamacare. A much more accurate term is "Health Care For All." Not Health Care for Obama. So please stop using the term. It is absolutely, completely, 100% FALSE.
Second, we need to stop calling it socialized medicine. It is NOT socialized medicine. The government does not own the hospitals. The government does not own the doctors. The government does not make any decisions about your health care. Compare these reforms to Europe, and there are little to no comparisons to be made. That is yet another falsehood. (In fact, if you are a Republican, compare this bill to your beloved voucher program that uses government money to pay for private schools and you should immediately fall in love with this bill- the two concepts are quite similar)
Another falsehood is what this article stipulates, hence the reason I posted the article. The idea that the Health Care bill is causing premiums to skyrocket.
The fact of the matter is that premiums were skyrocketing every year well before health care reform was passed.
My dad owns a small company. He spends about $1500.00/month per employee on health care for his employess. For years he has been saying he would either go under or have to stop offering health care to his employees.
Now that health care reform has passed, he continues to say the same thing. However, from what I understand, now if he opts to not offer insurance, they will be able to still get insurance and still be covered, for the small fee of 900.00/year. That is WAY cheaper than what he is currently paying, so he will be able to stay in business.
I am not saying the Health Care Reform bill is perfect. It is a work in progress. But I am saying let's stop using scare tactics and lies to convince people it is a bad bill. This is a bill that affects everyone, and virtually every American agrees something has to be done to fix the health care crisis in America. Let's take this bill and tweak it, fix it, and give it a chance to succeed. For ALL Americans.
Can't both sides at least agree on that?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Insanity Point #2

Before children, falling back was fun.
The falling back I mean is the falling back where you got an extra hour of sleep once a year when you change your clocks.


With children, unfortunately, the glory of the extra hour of sleep is non-existent. Instead of snuggling with my comforter an extra hour, my kids woke me up 5:45 am. Oh, joy.


Which leads me to my insanity point.


Why do we change clocks?


Apparently it is to save energy. But I am not sure, because now it is dark at 5:30 instead of 6:30 and so that leaves us turning on our lights an extra hour earlier.


So I am not sure.


But I think we should forgo this wild tradition of ours so that I can get some sleep.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Insanity Point #1

You gotta be proud as a Republican when your newly elected leader says:

It's gotta feel good to elect a group of people who don't care about helping out the economy. Who don't care about creating jobs. Who don't care about getting money to small businesses.

There are a lot of noble goals I could think of for a politician at this time. If I were a politician, my goals would include strenghtening the health care bill to give insurance companies less power, not more. My goals would include a teacher recruitment program. My goals would include bringing jobs back to America instead of outsourcing them to foreign countries.

But that's just me. Why would I expect elected officials to have goals that would actually HELP the people? Why should they have productive goals, when their ONE goal could be to stop the president from doing anything productive?

Let the insanity continue.