Saturday, November 6, 2010

Insanity Point #1

You gotta be proud as a Republican when your newly elected leader says:

It's gotta feel good to elect a group of people who don't care about helping out the economy. Who don't care about creating jobs. Who don't care about getting money to small businesses.

There are a lot of noble goals I could think of for a politician at this time. If I were a politician, my goals would include strenghtening the health care bill to give insurance companies less power, not more. My goals would include a teacher recruitment program. My goals would include bringing jobs back to America instead of outsourcing them to foreign countries.

But that's just me. Why would I expect elected officials to have goals that would actually HELP the people? Why should they have productive goals, when their ONE goal could be to stop the president from doing anything productive?

Let the insanity continue.


okbushmans said...

Although I disagree with you on what will stregthen the economy, as a conservative, my number one goal wouldn't be for President Obama to be a one term President. That is a goal during the 2012 election campaign, just as any Democrat would have said the same thing during the 2004 Bush retry. Number one goal, stabilize the economy. And hopefully since the government is more balanced now, we will have a more politically balanced agenda and legislation. I just hope they actually deliver.

By the way, it is Senator Mitch McConnell.

Christina said...

Thanks, I fixed it.

I would also love to see both sides working together. Unfortunately, one side has already said they will refuse to work with the other, so I don't see that happening. We can hope, though.

Kartch said...

I hope when you say that one side refused/refuses to work with the other you are taking about the democrats...I find it extremely hypocritical how democrats are complaining that re republicans are not going to step across the aisle now that they have the house when obama talked ad nauseum about working together during his campaign but has been extremely devisive and partisan since his election. Now that people have once again realized (as they did in the 1930's and 1970's) that keynesian economics do not work, all I hear from liberals is whining
about how the republicans don't want to play