Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

You Will Like this!

I hope you can all watch this and get a good laugh. I loved it when Ben Affleck parodied Keith Olbermann, so please know that any offense is not intended. Instead, watch it for the comedy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cancel the cable and all your health care problems are solved..

An actual letter to the editor from our local rag on Thursday:

Don't give government control over our health care
The issue is not whether the government does or does not have "death panels"; it's that if the government controls and runs all health care, there is no option. Currently if an insurance company doesn't want to insure you because you have a pre-existing condition (which is within the company's right), you can go out and pay for your own treatment. The government wants to make it illegal for people to do that.
If someone can afford the very best health care in America, they have every right to it and shouldn't be denied that because some people thinks that's unfair. I would have trouble paying for my own health care, but that's OK - I can choose to stop paying for Internet, cable, cell phones, etcs., if I really need to pay for health care. That's my choice, not the government's.
The United States was founded on basic rights and limited power for the government, not entitlements for all. It's time to get back to our roots.
M. Marostica

Sorry, Mr. Marostica, but you forgot to stop paying for food, and your rent or mortgage payment too. Since having the extra 100 or so dollars a month by getting rid of what you mentioned will hardly pay for what can amount to huge health care costs for some sick people. Any idiot knows that, but apparently with you I're obviously healthy and are of course in God's good graces since you weren't born with a pre-existing condition that requires thousands of dollars of care a year because no insurance company will touch you with a ten foot pole.

Maybe you just did something right in heaven and are more blessed than the rest of us poor, unhealthy souls who have brought this financial mess on ourselves because we want to feed and clothe our families, not provide them with cell phones.

This letter does nothing more than reaffirm in my eyes what ass hats people like you are. You give a damn about yourselves only. Sick people are nothing but the crud stuck to the bottom of your shoes. This isn't really about government run health care, this is about people like you and what you're afraid you'll have to give up to actually help someone else in need. That's it plain and simple. What a concept! Caring about other people! Is that "PROMOTING THE GENERAL WELFARE!!!!"

This kind of stuff makes me seethe with such fury, I want to spit fire. I'm just so tired of people being blamed for being sick, for losing their homes and going bankrupt because of it. Like it's their fault somehow, for getting cancer and losing everything. All because they wouldn't cancel the cable?