Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I had no idea kids singing about our presidents was the same as the Khmer Rouge

Be careful when you watch this "liberal indoctrination camp" video. It might make you, oh I don't know, BE PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY!!!

Another round of spittle is here.
I just don't get it I guess.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And some are wondering why the news didn't cover this...

I don't mean to overshadow your excellent post Christina, but these people really frighten me. This is what we're up against, and I'm guessing Glenn Beck couldn't be prouder.

The face of health care opposition -

If this isn't blatant racism, then I don't know what is.

What Is Going On?

Our very conservative newspaper in our very ultra-conservative area posted this editorial:

"Why can’t we work together?
First, I want to say that I'm a 32-year Republican, 21-year military veteran, and "straight" — being married for 29 years, to the same woman even — with two sons, one of which has already followed mom and dad into the Air Force. So you can't say I'm not a patriot or don't love my country.
However, for all that time I thought the Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility, small government and minimal intervention in our lives. Well the Bush administration proved me wrong. First they spent trillions on a war against a country that was no threat to us, spending us literally into the poor house.Then they spent untold millions of dollars on trying to tell people what they can and can not do in the privacy of their own bedrooms with their "defense of marriage" and other interventions based upon religious edicts. I thought we had separation of church and state.
And now, when the government wants to spend money on improving the lives of our own residents, they get "angry" about wasteful government spending. Where were they when we first went on this spending spree?

I've been "angry" ever since shortly after I voted for Bush the first time and we invaded Iraq. We could afford a better health care program if we weren't in the poor house from the Bush Republican's wasteful government spending. I agree we need to watch the budget, but people give it a break. Can't we work together on this? Together we should be able to come up with a better way to provide health care for our residents, but many Republicans are ready to do anything to "break Obama." That is not the country I fought for starting in Vietnam through the first Gulf war.Please tell the Republicans in Congress that for the first time I'm ashamed of how we are behaving like spoiled children.

Jeff Hartig"

I was so glad this was posted! FINALLY a voice of reason from the Republican side! This is somebody I could sit down and have a decent conversation with. There are so many things frustrating me right now with politics:
1. The philosophy that my side is ALWAYS right, and your side is ALWAYS wrong- regardless of the issue

2. Rather then trying to have a decent conversation to come to a consensus- or at least a better understanding- name-calling and yelling ensue (I still don't understand why yelling and screaming at a town hall meeting is somehow better then coming prepared with decent, legitimate questions)

3. Every problem America has is Obama's fault- period. If it is mentioned that a large part of the reason we are in the mess we are in is because of a certain other president, we are told to stop blaming him for anything- because it is all Obama's fault (even though he has only been president for 9 months and that other guy was president for 8 years).

4. It seemed in the past some people were willing to cross the aisle to work with the other side- now I don't see that happening at all. Nobody is willing to bend an inch, to be seen as "weak" by their constituents.

These are a few of my observations- if anybody else has other observations, please let me know. But based on these observations, I have decided the following:

1. If you*** start name calling- throwing the term Nazi, Communist, Socialist, Marxist, etc. around- I will immediately cease listening to what you are saying and ignore you. At least have the decency to hold an intelligent conversation about issues, not labels.
2. You should at least be willing to admit that mistakes have been made on both sides, and that one party is never going to be right ALL of the time or I will view you as a crazy partisan lunatic who I don't want to talk to.
3. Pick your battles. There is a battle raging over health care and people chose to get in a huge huffy over the president telling kids to stay in school (I am embarrassed by e-mails I got from people claiming to be Christian in regards to this issue) and even pulled their kids out of school. What is that teaching your children?

4. Respect the other side- even if you disagree with them. Otherwise, we won't get anywhere in our discussion.

5. Listen to the other side- otherwise, I won't listen to you.

If people on both sides would be willing to sit down and follow these rules, I actually think health care reform and other issues would move forward in a positive way. But, I won't hold my breath.

***YOU is being referred to as a very general term- because I engage with everybody on this blog, I don't think any of you break these new "rules" of mine. I am referring to a general atmosphere in the whole of America right now that is very disheartening and, I believe, bringing our country down.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I guess we're back in high school....

Photo courtesy of Carlos at thinkingorsitting

Or should I say pre-school.
No grown-ups allowed in South Carolina apparently. Good luck getting re-elected you big baby.
See here.