Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clearly President Obama's hiring practices are so he can form a "Communist, Fascist, Czarist, Kenyan, Martian type of government"...

Don't forget the HYPOCRISY Czar you weird people.


curtis.noble said...

I can't watch these videos at work, but I have a comment regardless...I don't care too much about the CZAR issue...Bush had them too and I didn't care about them back then.

I do believe that they need to be vetted a little more carefully. But if we had to have senate confirmation on every public servant in the White House...come on, that's unrealistic, right?

Lula O said...

Exactly my point for posting this. It's just almost, the stupidist thing I've ever heard. Normal people don't have a problem with this, but when Hannity and Beck promote this type of BS, the crazies line in droves. It's just fuel to their fire.

I don't understand how rational people can stand to listen to them.
Is hearing this kind of propoganda edifying in some way? Do you actually learn something useful in these broadcasts? Really?

curtis.noble said...

I'll admit that Beck has a tendency to overstate the problem. Hannity is pretty fair about it. Important to note though that Beck is an admitted Libertarian and Hannity a Republican. There are differences. Hannity doesn't mind the fact that there are 30 Czars. He has acknowledged that Bush and every other president has had them. His concern is that the Czars aren't being vetted at all. The current white house is hiring czars based off of their most recent job history. When i was trying to find a career level position in Internet Marketing Management I am weighed down by my years of experience as a car salesman! employers are looking at my job history 10 years ago, and the White House is missing very radical things as recent as 5 years Van Jones claiming to be a communist as early as 2004. I would agree that he needed to go under any president.

I hesitate to mention this because it falls under the 99% in that I don't remember the name of the person or the job title, but there is another Obama administration official whose background is in early childhood education, yet her job is something to do with National Defense. No disrespect to educators intended, just saying it's like me, the car salesman applying for a position as a heart surgeon...I just don't qualify for the job.

Curt said...

Just watched these videos. Hannity played the DNC anti glenn beck video tonight and asked Glenn to comment on it. His comment was something along the lines "somebody should remind the DNC that I'm not running for any public office, they should not be campaigning against ME!" Then he pointed out the obvious that I had thought of recently as well. Obama campaigned on the premise and PROMISE of change. He promised that the Bush administration would be done and change would be brought to the White House. So why is the democrats' defense to the Czar situation "Bush appointed these Czars, not Obama!" Shouldn't that really peeve democrats...that Obama has kept 47 Bush Czars in the white house? Many of the Bush administration officials have not been replaced.

I love confident competition. Glenn basically put the DNC in their place by saying that they should have done more research and they would have found that he campaigned against these Czars under George Bush and has been "vetting" them long before Van Jones. He didn't like George Bush either and criticized him as well. Beck abhors expanding govt. Bush did a lot of it which made for some angry republicans. But Beck didn't have the audience numbers for this at that he has such a huge audience at Fox he can do something about it. Democrats would have been happy with Beck to get rid of the radical czars under Bush.

On another note, why won't Obama go on Fox news? I've always thought he needed to go on there. Their audience is 5 times larger than the other networks COMBINED. And those tend to be the people that he needs to gain the support of on healthcare. Marketing your market. By doing every other Sunday news show EXCEPT Fox he's preaching to the choir. I wonder if he just really doesn't have the answers to the tough questions that he'll get on Fox...just a thought.

Mandy said...

Ha ha ha! People get way to worked up over such stupid things.

Carlos said...

That's a lot of words for a paranoid loon and a right wing crapagandist.

Why won't the President go on Fox. Umm, let's see ... (1) It's not a legitimate news (as in journalism) network, e.g., Fox producer whipping up Teabaggers to get manufactured crowd shot; (2) it employs racists and hatemongers. At last count, 80 former advertisers are boycotting Glenn Beck.

Can the President handle their "tough" questions? Ooo, like Chris Wallace would be a real toughie for our brilliant President.

When a right wing ideological outlet so disrespects the President of United States, it's incumbent upon him not to dignify their gutter rhetoric with an interview.

Sources? Here are a few:

Lula O said...

And they wonder why no one believed them about ACORN.