Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And some are wondering why the news didn't cover this...

I don't mean to overshadow your excellent post Christina, but these people really frighten me. This is what we're up against, and I'm guessing Glenn Beck couldn't be prouder.

The face of health care opposition -

If this isn't blatant racism, then I don't know what is.


Ben and Christina said...

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. That's how I think 99% of people are right now- just saying stuff that they have NO idea what it means, but they think it sounds cool. Unbelievable, and very sad.

Curt said...

MOST of this video is POLICY based, not race based. Why do people keep referring to ALL opposition as racism? We need to post a definition of racism...White southerners who oppose big govt. spending are not racist just because the guy proposing it is a different color.

And seriously? You think this is representative of 99% of the "people?" Which "people" is this representing 99% of? All Americans, Republicans, White Republicans, Democrats, or Black Democrats, or Celebrities? I think this represents a very small minority of all Americans on the basis that people speak without knowing what they're talking about.

(this is why you should watch O'Reilly...he backs things up with facts and if he can't he doesn't comment officially.)

I would say that the US population is probably more informed about proposed legislation than the politicians voting before reading. This was somewhat demonstrated when Obama agreed days AFTER his healthcare speech that there is in fact no citizenship verification procedure in the new health plan and stated that it NEEDS to be in there. He made a statement before he understood what was really in the bill. He himself admitted claiming racism in that arrest of his professor buddy before hearing all the facts and apologized to the police officer he accused of racism. (Very classy I thought)

But I'll give credit...this is downright hilarious. My favorite is the guy claiming that Obama is the Anti Christ based on old Aramaic translations of the book of Romans! I saw that stupid video that some religious whack put together. For the readers of this blog who probably didn't see it...the claim is basically this...In the book of romans it talks about the devil (note: not the "antichrist" but the devil himself) fell from the Heavens as though it were lightning from on high." And the hebrew/aramaic translation of "from a high place" is "Barak." The hebrew/aramaic translation of "lightning from on high" is "Bahma." So REALLY that means that Obama's name literally means Lighning from on high or some other similar meaning. Which if you ask me, is pretty accurate. His personality is so igniting that it could be said he is as the lightning from above! In other places of scripture it's said that Christ comes down from the heavens as lightning or fire (ancient texts lightning and fire were synonymous, lightning was "fire" in the sky)...I find people that make these loose comparisons down right funny.

But in that video it's important to note that there weren't many people "congregated" around the nuts. That one guy that stood in front of the big red sign had no audience...people were walking away with their back turned.

Folks, WE who are reading this blog are the 99%. It's easy for any reporter to go to any rally and pick out the nuts, they're so easy to find. The sign about Kennedy was not right...it reminded me of the time a prominent liberal (not a nut at a rally) publicly wished that Dick Cheney would develop a terminal brain tumor.

Right wing hacks make me laugh just as much as left wingers do. But the religious right wing extremists are the funniest because they really don't understand religion. Obviously I don't think any of you are "hacks" or nuts.

Ben and Christina said...

Honestly, I would include myself in that 99%- meaning, I don't know everything that is going on in politics, and rarely do I have ALL the facts before making an arguement. Regardless of how much I research, there is always another side or arguements. There's so much out there that I think most people pick and choose what to read, listen to, and believe without investigation information for themselve. In this video, it is showing people who hear something and just start spouting that off without realizing what they are saying. So I guess it would be more accurate for me to say the 99% of people don't take the time to figure out all of the information before taking a side. Does that make sense what I am saying?

That is a pretty rediculous arguement about Obama being Anti-Christ! One should never listen to radical extremisists on either side:)

Lula O said...

When I said blatant racism, I was referring to the people interviewed in the video, not all people who oppose Obama because I don't think that's true of all.

Racism still exists in the South, and even in the North. Let's not be blind here. But like I just said on the moms site, for the steps he takes forward playing the race card, he takes equal steps back because of it.

And O'Reilly I've heard has a hard time with his statistics - meaning sometimes they don't add up. Maybe he needs a lesson in conversational geometry. :p

Curt said...

Have you watched O'Reilly? I find some people are afraid to watch O'Reilly because they're afraid he'll say something they agree with. He is giving major props to Obama right now for taking the lead on Healthcare and for trying to keep people at bay on the race thing. The White House wants no part in the race debate. He asks tough, fair questions, and his facts do add up. If it's later found that they don't, he admits it and apologizes ON AIR. I've seen that twice that I can remember.

Just watch him once and tell me if I'm wrong. See if all you believe about him is true after watching him. He does take a lot of jabs at the other networks, but rightfully so. He jabbed at Charlie Gibson for not knowing anything about the ACORN tapes 5 days into the scandal. And NBC rand their first featured story on ACORN corruption this morning. There's something wrong with that, and he called them out on it.

Christina...I'll admit, I don't always have the entire picture either. But at least you and I and others on here will admit that we're stating an opinion rather than stating things as fact. And to his credit, Obama does that too. So give yourself some credit...you're 150% more informed than the whack jobs in that video. I really appreciate that Lula, for example, is able to say "I've heard this about Fox News...." or "A friend of mine who watched Fox News" said this about it. Rather than just stating it as a fact without watching Fox News. (I'm assuming you don't watch it)

I'm just saying, there's so many people watching Fox for a reason...they're not nuts, and they can't all be conservatives.

Thanks to all the political moms for letting me participate in these discussions. As always, if I'm ever uninvited I will respect the request without feeling that my rights are being violated or anything crazy!

okbushmans said...

To be honest, I couldn't watch the entire video. It is more frustrating for me to watch people who might vote the same way as me, not be able to back up any of their arguments with facts, than to see the other side do it. And for those crazies (abortion guy) to give the rest of us who try to be well-read a bad name.

It does not surprise me that there were people like that at the 9-12 rally. And even more, it does not surprise me that this video was put on Youtube by a group called "New Left Media". Just as easy as it was for these producers to make an embarrassing video of those who were there, I guarauntee I could make a glowing video with well-spoken, educated protestors. To say that this represents 99% of the people who disagree with this version of health care reform, is just as ridiculous as thinking that "New Left Media" would give a "fair and balanced" representation of those who were there. You have to consider the source. Just like the ACORN videos, you have to consider the sources. How many offices did they have to go to get these videos? How many sane people did they have to interview to get these clips? I would love to get the whole story, but you never will.

curtis.noble said...

well, in defense of Christina we already clarified the 99%. She wasn't saying 99% of ALL who oppose are like this. She was saying that 99% of people make statements BEFORE they know all the facts. Our President has demonstrated this practice before as well. And it's an accurate percentage.

You just demonstrated your propensity to make statements without all the facts as well. Hannah Giles has officially said that they received condemning footage from EVERY ACORN office they visited. She says she drained her small savings to do this project. ACORN's Bertha Lewis claims that Giles and O'Keefe attempted this at hundreds of locations and were turned away. That's both sides of the story, now look at the circumstantial facts to determine who is most likely telling the truth:

1. How likely is it that Hannah Giles, a college student had enough savings to travel NON-STOP from state to state, city to city to bust ACORN officials in hundreds of locations. Keep in mind her ONLY partner at the time was a 25 year old kid with little savings. They had no funding or backing from any major news network. It is VERY unlikely. Perhaps there are others trying to bust ACORN?? And on the flipside, one has to consider that GILES is a "journalism" student and a conservative, so is there some bias here? You decide.

2. Bertha Lewis claims that they were turned away at HUNDREDS of ACORN offices, yet there is not one report to the police. If this were true it would behoove ACORN to come out and say back in July "hey, these nuts are going around trying to find help importing underage girls to sell them for sex." But they didn't do that.

So Christina is right, 99% of us have a tendency to form opinions and make statements without knowing the full story.

On another note, could ACORN be considered racist? They have now fired all involved (4 black ladies and a mexican man)in this EXCEPT the white lady. In fact, they're defending the white lady. And I wonder what the response may have been if the actors were attempting to import african girls? We often think of racism as it applies to blacks and hispanics...anyway, I speculate.

Misty said...

Oh my word. This is what bother me about people: You're going to march and make signs and t-shirts and scream and yell and act all indignant, but the minute someone questions you it falls apart? If you are going to take a stand -- even if I disagree with it -- know your shit. Pardon me, but seriously.

Also, that interviewer was cute...

Lula O said...

I totally agree Misty. Should we be thanking Glenn Beck for encouraging these types to turn out in droves? His rhetoric is like a magnifying lens. Some people you just see a little more clearly.

And yes, that guy is cute - like a drummer in a kewl band sort of way.