Thursday, September 5, 2013


I find it interesting that many, MANY, people who were all for the Iraq War all of a sudden have a moral compass and think it's unfair to send troops into a fight they claim the troops don't believe in.


It would be laughable, if it wasn't so obvious...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just Saying...

I just gotta say, and because I respect my friends too much to put this on a platform other than a political one,

Mitt Romney sure came across as a jass-ass tonight.

OK, there. It is out there.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where To Begin?

Well...this last weekend has been pretty rough where I live.

You see, I live right in between Columbine High School and Century 21 Theatres in Aurora. Both are just a few miles from my house.

I have several friends who were at Columbine when the massacre occurred. All who were there still have emotional issues stemming from that day.

And now we have another mass shooting to deal with.

Our Governor, who I have a deep admiration for, said, "We will come together and be made stronger."

I am certain we will. But at what point will be asked to be so strong that we finally break? How many shootings and other calamities will be asked to be strong for? We have been on the front page of too many newspapers for too many horrible events.

Of course, when a shooting of this magnitude occurs, the inevitable debate of whether or not guns are good or bad occurs. I will get to that.

But first I'll mention something slightly less controversial. Regardless of what side of the gun issue you are on, there is another issue that also deserves some serious discussion. That is the issue of mental illness. We have a history in this country of ignoring mental illnesses. Some groups even preach that mental illness does not exist. Perhaps as a society we should stop cutting programs that affect the mentally ill and open more treatment centers. Perhaps as a society we should take care of those who are mentally ill, look for symptoms of those who are mentally ill, and stop pretending like it isn't a factor to many problems we face today. Perhaps that would help stop some of these senseless murders.

Now onto guns. You can't have 12 innocent people sitting in a movie theater and then randomly slaughtered without at least bringing it up.

My emotions are a little raw right now as I try to process what happened. My emotions are raw when I think of my three little girls who are growing up in an area where every few years a psychotic murderer goes on a rampage and shoots down anyone in sight.

There have been several arguments in favor of guns:

1. If somebody else had had a gun, they could have shot him and there would have been fewer innocent people killed

2. Taking guns away from all really only takes guns away from law abiding citizens

3. Guns don't kill people, people kill people

4. More guns will keep us safer.

Let me address each of these issues.

1. What if somebody else did have a gun? This was a dark theater with tear gas everywhere. It was complete chaos with people running around in every direction trying to escape. The murderer was dressed in heavy body armor. If somebody else had a gun, they most certainly would NOT have shot the murderer in a fatal way. They would have been much more likely to shoot an innocent victim.

A trained policeman will deliver a fatal blow 1 in 7 times to a moving target. What would an untrained civilian do in a dark theater with a hundred people running all around?

I am very grateful that nobody else had a gun that night.

2. This guy WAS, indeed, a law abiding citizen. Until he decided not to be. Everything he did was perfectly legal- until he decided to go and kill a room full of people.

When people are allowed to buy guns (even military grade assault rifles) they are also buying the choice to kill people. Even if they are "law abiding."

3. This argument just makes me sick. It is so absurd I don't even know where to begin. Let's say this man was armed with pencils. Let's say that's the only weapon he could get a hold of. Would he have murdered 12 people and injured 70? Of course not. I would much rather that he had gone into the theater with pencils instead of military grade artillery.

4. Colorado has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country. It is incredibly easy to get a gun here. And look what is has gotten us- 3 mass attacks where 33 innocent people have been murdered in the past 15 years (in addition to Columbine and Friday's attacks, there was an attack at a church where 7 people were killed in 2007).

I am ready to try a different approach. It is apparent that relaxed gun laws have not made us safer in this state. Why not try something different? Remember the definition of insanity? Well, how many people do we have to have die while attending innocent public events before we try something different? If you want to arm every person in your state with a gun, fine. But not in MY state. Not in Colorado. I am tired of guns in this state.

Will drug dispensaries in elementary schools stop drug abuse? Will open borders stop illegal immigration? Will having more abortion doctors stop abortions? If you answer "no" to these questions, then how can you possibly believe that more guns will stop violence?

I love the state of Colorado. It is beautiful and the people here are wonderful- except, of course, the psychotic ones.

But right now I want to leave. I want to go to a place that is safe. I want to go to a place where people don't think that more violence will solve the problem of violence. I want to go to a place where I don't have to worry about my children being shot while trying to have fun.

Canada is starting to look really good right now.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Is anybody else SICK of hearing about the stay-at-home-mom-non- issue brought on by one comment from a political analyst that was completely taken out of context and has somehow morphed into a made up war on moms?

I am. That's all anyone on Facebook wants to talk about, so I am having to remove friends from my updates left and right because I can not stand such contrived made-up fights.

Come on. It's not like Rosen said Ann Romney was a lazy bum who is a massive drain on society.

She said Romney never worked a day in her life. And when it comes to a paying job, that is absolutely, 100% true (as far as my research can tell). Does she work as a stay at home mom? Of course. I'm a stay at home mom and I work way harder than most people I know. But do you want to know what was even harder work than being a mom?

Cleaning toilets for 4 years to pay for college.

Or teaching 150 high school students and constantly being ridiculed by parents who didn't think I was doing "right" by their kids 100% of the time.

Or watching a dear friend who is now single raising 3 kids- 2 of them with autism- on her own- working a full time job AND being a mom.

Rosen was in NO WAY saying that being a mom in "unworthy." That's where this fake made-up ridiculous fight comes from that is SOOOO annoying.

What she was saying is that the privileged life that Ann Romney lives means that she can not relate to the average, common woman.

And that is TRUE! Nobody can dispute that.

Ann Romney comes from wealth. She was born into it. So was her husband. They do not understand what it is like for a mother (or father) to have to choose between taking their sick child to the doctor or feeding their other children for the rest of the week. They CAN NOT relate because they have simply never been there.

That does not make them bad people. I am sure they are very nice in real life. It just means that they do not understand the plight of the working class.

The Romney's have a disconnect problem. With Mr. Romney making comments like,

"Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs"


"I like being able to fire people"


"I'll bet you $10,000"

it is very hard to relate to him.

There's entire websites completely dedicated to the comments Romney has made that show he just doesn't get it.

Again, that's not being mean. It is simply stating a fact.

I have never in my life used illegal drugs. I would be a horrible drug counselor. The best drug counselors are those who have been there and have overcome. I'm not advocating doing drugs so you can be a drug counselor, I'm just saying that if you have never been there then you can never understand- and perhaps you should choose a profession of something you do understand.

If the Romney's want to connect to the working and middle class, they should focus on their personal issues that middle class people DO deal with. They should not discuss their nannies, their housekeepers, their private schools or personal chefs (geeze, if I was a SAHM and had all of that, then my job would be easy).

Ann Romney has MS. That is a horrible, debilitating disease but she has fought hard and found ways to help her pain. She should talk about that and use that as a platform. I'm sure she does use it to some extent, but THAT is what makes her approachable- not her Cadillacs.

Let's STOP talking about this ridiculous non-issue and start talking about things that actually matter.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hold On Moms

I was reading some Tina Brown (the editor in chief of Newsweek) today and she was thinking about how she missed Michelle Bachmann and her comments about mothers bearing the brunt of this recession by trying to keep their families sane as well as intact with band aids and duct tape. Even thinking about this makes me tired. Er, I'm sorry, I mean, tireder.

I love to read about politics and lately the political testosterone-filled reality show has been unsurpassed, but I forget that it wears. me. out. Too much man stuff is going on, so much so that the stuff (testosterone) is flinging from their pores. I don't want anymore of that crap on my skin.

It's making me break out.

I want the sweet smells of women who get me. Me, meaning 50 percent of the voting block. No one running for office seems to give a damn that we, women, are bearing the brunt of the recession just as much if not more than men. So many jobs descriptions, so little time. Worker, doctor, psychologist, cook, maid, accountant, shoulder to cry on, support, chauffeur, life coach, and sex slave (Ok, that one's not that bad). Give me another minute and I'll think of ten more.

We need a voice. A human connection that brings the points that matter to women into focus. Bachmann went back to crazy so currently we have none. Sarah Palin? Hillary Clinton? Elizabeth Warren? Anyone? I'm ready to be courted. I'm ready to hear someone, man or woman, ANYONE who will speak in a rallying cry that isn't that steady sugar-free diet of tax reform and vulture capitalism. I'm not only hungry for something of substance. Something that really affects me and my everyday life. Something that actually matters.

I'm starving for it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I originally wasn't going to post about this, because well: Who on earth could be against Occupy Wall Street?

But then, much to my complete inability to understand, some people actually are against it.

I can not, for the life of me, understand how this can be. I mean, seriously, peaceful people gathering to protest greed.

Not corporations. Greed. There is a BIG difference, and I think that is why people are supposedly against it- because they don't understand it. (Or, they only watch FauxNews and for some reason believe what is said on that so-called station).

Liberals and democrats are all for businesses. We're all for hard work. What we are NOT for is CEO's getting a 27% pay increase while middle-class workers get a 2% pay raise. What we are NOT for is CEO's pocketing millions of dollars while they ship jobs overseas. What we are NOT for is CEO's taking billions of dollars of bail-out money, and holding on to it: refusing to lend so that thousands of small businesses go under.

What is to like about those CEO's?

Let me give you a personal example.

My mom lost every penny of her retirement- retirement she had dilligently saved for over 30 years of dedicated service at Washington Mutual. When it went under (in very shady circumstances if there ever was one), she lost EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

What did Washington Mutual's CEO get? He got paid 21 MILLION dollars for 17 DAYS of work.


What hard-working middle-class citizen thinks that is just great? Fair? Reasonable? Right? What true, hard-working American is not furious that we live in a society where that is not only OK, it's acceptable?

That's what Occupy Wall Street is about. It's about this top 1% who DID NOT work hard to get where they are. They simply screwed the most people.

And, I'm so incredibly SICK of people saying that the poor are lazy. I grew up so poor the stories I could tell you would make your head spin. But my dad was, and still is, the absolute hardest worker I know. He worked three jobs to make ends meet. Those bastards on Wall Street who stole my entire mom's retirement have no clue what hard work is- they have never done what my Dad did. They have never sacrificed and worked like I watched my dad.

The janitors, mechanics, and factory workers are the TRUE hard workers in America. Screw you Republicans who think if you have money it's because you "worked harder." Screw you Herman Cain for treating the poor like trash, saying they just need to work. Screw every person who honestly thinks that "working hard" automatically equates to making money.

I have, unfortunately, seen how the "real world" works. I saw my mom cry for weeks while some Wall Street hypocrite took everything from her.

So, yeah, I'm pretty pissed at Wall Street. Not businesses and corporations in general. At these selfish, greedy, despicable men (who I am absolutely certain will rot in Hell someday) who are stealing from the working class, and then blaming the working class for being in such a plight.

And if you're not angry, you don't get it. Start researching, and you'll be angry.

UPDATE: I will note, that I do NOT think the violence in Rome is OK. The protests in the USA have been incredibly peaceful. In Denver, the leaders of Occupy Denver actually went around the park and collected and got rid of anything that could be used as a weapon (large rocks, sticks, etc.) and held several meetings discouraging violence. Even though the police came, it was incredibly peaceful with no violence from either side. Peaceful protests should always be encouraged in a country that claims democracy.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something Everyone Can Cheer About

You thought I was going to mention Gadhafi based on the title of this post, but no, it's a Jon Stewart clip that I think everyone will enjoy (unless you are really sensitive to bleeped out cuss words...there's a bit of cussing, but they are bleeped). Enjoy!