Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another deep thought from Idaho..

Some Republicans (not all I know) in Northern Idaho strike again. Bonner County Republicans refuse to put the word "fiesta" on their committee booth - even though that's the theme for the BC fair this year. They're sticking with the word "celebrate" since "we speak English in this country." REALLY?? What's to go next I wonder? Tamales = corn wrapped shredded pig. Tortilla = flat flourly toasted thingy, burrito = beans and meat with cheese in flat floury thingy. But what about those other pesky words that are so unAmerican. "French" fries = fried potatoes that cause heart attacks. Gyros = dead lamb on a flour stick. I was always under the impression that our language is mainly just an amalgam of other, older languages. But hey, maybe speaking only "English" words will limit their vocabulary and we won't have to hear them talk. Dare to dream.

It's people like this that push me even farther left. They are crazy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm a little confused..

Dear Republican Party:

I guess I'm a little confused. Some of you are apologizing to BP for our government making it set aside 20 billion for claims against it for lost income due to their negligence - hence ruining the gulf coast economy (Texas Rep. Joe Barton), and at the same time others are complaining that the moratorium on offshore drilling is more damaging than the spill itself on the gulf coast economy (Mississippi Gov. Haley).

So which is it then? Because it seems to me the chess pieces fall something like this:
Who is to blame for ruining these people's lives and their livelihoods?
Democrats - British Petroleum
Republicans - the Federal Government

I'm scratching my head here. Would the Republican party prefer the taxpayer pay for this destruction and its many rippling effects instead of poor BP?

Sigh...I guess it's come down to picking sides. Again.
I'm tired of it.