Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm a little confused..

Dear Republican Party:

I guess I'm a little confused. Some of you are apologizing to BP for our government making it set aside 20 billion for claims against it for lost income due to their negligence - hence ruining the gulf coast economy (Texas Rep. Joe Barton), and at the same time others are complaining that the moratorium on offshore drilling is more damaging than the spill itself on the gulf coast economy (Mississippi Gov. Haley).

So which is it then? Because it seems to me the chess pieces fall something like this:
Who is to blame for ruining these people's lives and their livelihoods?
Democrats - British Petroleum
Republicans - the Federal Government

I'm scratching my head here. Would the Republican party prefer the taxpayer pay for this destruction and its many rippling effects instead of poor BP?

Sigh...I guess it's come down to picking sides. Again.
I'm tired of it.


Mandy said...

I know what you mean. I saw Louisiana's governor on tv and he was getting all mad at the federal govt and going off on it. All I could think was, "Shouldn't you be mad at BP?". Left me baffled!

Lula O said...

Every time I see Jindal, or whatever his name is, on tv I think of that youtube video of him talking after the President's address with Mr. Roger's neighborhood music playing in the background.

He's just trying to win some votes. He'll need them.

okbushmans said...

I am angry at BP. There was at the very least negligence and at the most corruption. They should be responsible for plugging the dang thing, the clean up, the cost, and making sure this doesn't happen again. It outraged me the way the BP leadership handled this, especially referring to the small people. (Lost in translation? I dunno).

That is what Republicans should be saying. Yes, I disagree with the moratorium because it automatically put 20,000 people in Louisiana out of work. Yes, Pres Obama could have handled this MUCH better (wish he had the same "ass-kicking" attitude toward the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq). BUT, the finger should be pointed at BP, and Republicans shouldn't give them a pass or apologize for crying out loud for how they've been treated. Horrible situation. Even worse that it has become another subject for political talking points.

But what do you expect in an election year?

Lula O said...

Yes, you're right. Should be an interesting fall. (Secretly, I can't wait!)