Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another deep thought from Idaho..

Some Republicans (not all I know) in Northern Idaho strike again. Bonner County Republicans refuse to put the word "fiesta" on their committee booth - even though that's the theme for the BC fair this year. They're sticking with the word "celebrate" since "we speak English in this country." REALLY?? What's to go next I wonder? Tamales = corn wrapped shredded pig. Tortilla = flat flourly toasted thingy, burrito = beans and meat with cheese in flat floury thingy. But what about those other pesky words that are so unAmerican. "French" fries = fried potatoes that cause heart attacks. Gyros = dead lamb on a flour stick. I was always under the impression that our language is mainly just an amalgam of other, older languages. But hey, maybe speaking only "English" words will limit their vocabulary and we won't have to hear them talk. Dare to dream.

It's people like this that push me even farther left. They are crazy!


Curt said...

LSHMSFOAIDMT! (that's "laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco") this is funny. My parents live in Bonner County. I grew up going to the Bonner County fair! That is probably the most beautiful county in America...Home of Lake Pend O'Reille (pronounced "ponderay"). In fact, that's how they spell the name of the city "Ponderay" opting for the more "english" version. But the lake still maintains its french-ish spelling.

Anyway, you oughta check out the hard core conservatives at the local walmart up in Sandpoint! Pretty entertaining I tell ya!

Carlos said...

As Archie Bunker said, "why can't we have some REGULAR AMERICAN FOOD ... like PIZZA."

I fail to see the humor in this country being so racist, ignorant, and xenophobic as it is. This IS the 21st century. Nothing to laugh about when 45% think Obama wasn't born in the U.S., 55% think he's a socialist, and most can't find Afghanistan on a map. It seems the generalized ignorance of the population has increased since the 1930s. It's not only a failure of education, but Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, et al.

Lula, you're smarter than 99.9% of the population because you don't have cable, and read GOOD books. (Forget any textbook from Texas.)

Christina said...

Don't you guys also have a guy running for governor who actually changed his name to "Pro-Life?" You guys do have some interesting people there...

But, I agree with Carlos. It is hard to believe that many of the people who are coming up with these crazy ideas are not doing it out of hate and racism. Maybe some are not, but certainly many are, and that is sad to me.

Lula O said...

Yeah pro-life..that was a great one. Oooo, and we have neo-nazi's too!! Lucky..

Thanks Carlos! Just finished Bleakhouse. It was awesome! If I lived in Texas, first I'd spend every day trying to move, and until then no doubt I'd home-school - and that would probably kill me. I've often wondered why those school board yahoos have soooo much power, or at least they think they do.

And I don't doubt it for a second Curtis! I live in a state full of weirdos.