Thursday, January 28, 2010

You GO Girl!

So yesterday I saw this headline:

John Edwards to finally admit baby is his

And I had two immediate thoughts:

1. You are a scumbag, John Edwards
2. Was ANYBODY surprised by this announcement? Anybody? Anybody?

We won't get into how stupid politicians (and Tiger Woods) are by thinking that they won't get caught. News flash: YOU WILL GET CAUGHT. But, we talked about that earlier.

Instead, I want to focus on this headline:

Elizabeth Edwards finally leaves cheating husband, John

Way to go, Elizabeth! You deserve better than a husband who cheats on you while you are going through cancer treatments! Good for you for standing up and refusing to take this crap any longer!* The same kudos go out to Jenny Sanford for leaving her husband!

Maybe if more women stand up to these rediculous politicians who think their wives won't leave them because of their status, more men will THINK before they start sleeping around!

I think we can safely say John Edward's political career is over.**

*Some couples can work through an affair and come out stronger. When that is the case, that is obivously the best case scenario for a horrible situation- especially for the kids, who are the real losers in all of this. But, in these political situations it seems to be too public to really be worked out, and the wife seems to stay just for political reasons, which to me is sad. Unless they can work it out. But often they can't.

**Hillary stayed with Bill and maybe that allowed for them both to continue with their political lives. I think that while they have mutual respect for each other, the only reason they are still together is for political reasons and somehow that works for them. By these women leaving, they probably are ruining their husbands political ambitions, and some may aruge they should therefore stay with their husbands. To which I would respond: if he was so worried about his political career, he SHOULD NOT HAVE CHEATED IN THE FIRST PLACE! It is his fault she left, not hers!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Why you should never date a diehard conservative man.

1. They can't take a joke.

2. They can't take a joke. Ever.

3. They have no sense of humor. It's like every day somebody killed their dog.

4. They use words like, "Hey sweetheart, let me tell you how you're wrong..." and then they talk and talk about how sensitive they are.

5. They love to brag about all the poor people they've helped, and yet...

6. They believe it's okay for everyone to pay for children in this country to get an education but not for them to have adequate health care. (That's just a privilege for the rich kids don't you know!)

7. Did I mention they can't take a joke?

8. They believe global warming is just a myth started by evil scientists, that pollution is just a big bad fog caused by peculiar weather patterns that will go away with magic fairy dust, and the end of the world began when Obama took office ( I must add here - because every time a Democrat takes office, the world ends..)

9. They renewed their subscription to Gun Lovers Anonymous, er, I mean Runners World after Sarah Palin was on the cover in her red shorty shorts. (Ooooo, how sexist of them! I'm sure those big bad editors doctored the cover. Oh wait, she posed for that picture! Huh..)

10. I'm betting they aren't so good in the sack either.

Sad so sad.