Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I had no idea kids singing about our presidents was the same as the Khmer Rouge

Be careful when you watch this "liberal indoctrination camp" video. It might make you, oh I don't know, BE PROUD OF YOUR COUNTRY!!!

Another round of spittle is here.
I just don't get it I guess.


srbushman said...

How funny, I just posted on the "indoctrination of our children" aka Hitler's Youth. Another thing we can agree on! We CAN all just get along!

Ben and Christina said...

Oh, I love me some Daily Show- what a great laugh!

Lula O said...

Isn't he funny? Every talk or radio show host in the country is being so outrageous now I think it must be a ratings thing or a cue from Rush, or just plain stupidity - and I include Keith Olbermman in that generalization. I don't much like him either. (When Ben Affleck played him on SNL I laughed and laughed.)

John Stewart though, I luv him. I get most of my news on tv from a comedy show. Huh.

Both Reagan and Bush addressed school children too. I've read what both said, and Reagan's was pretty over the top, so my point is----did those tiny tots convert to conservatism because of it?


I liked President Reagan.(I was in high school and didn't know any better. Yeesh!) Did that make me a life long Republican because I thought he was a cool president?

You be the judge.

Adults are getting mad because they want and think their children should think and act exactly like they do. When can a kid just be a kid without some adult saying you shouldn't like him because he's a different political party or because I, as your parent didn't vote for him?