Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I hate today.

Everything is getting on my nerves today. I should've locked myself in my house.

1. People who pick their nose while driving. I can see you in my rearview mirror people!

2. Checkers at the grocery store who mumble while I'm trying to write my check. Don't get me wrong here, I talk just as much as the next girl, but a lot of the time I can't understand a word of what they're saying. Something about her husband, or the new Star Trek movie,'s a mystery. I nod and smile, and grit my teeth.

3. Women who wear tights and boots that are exactly the same color. Where does one end and one begin? Do you need a map to find the zipper? They look like leggings straight from Cat Woman, and you ain't Halle Berry.

4. Shorts that are so short butt cheeks are hanging out like sagging curtains.

5. The fact that I like David Lee Roth better in Van Halen than Sammy Hagar.

6. Glenn Beck (I just always hate him.)

7. Number of wolves killed so far in Idaho - 15. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

8. The pretend Republican health care plan that does nothing whatsoever for the problem.

9. Stepping on one of those sticky mousetraps. That glue is from another planet I swear!

10. That Palin's book is already No. 1 before its release. What?

Sheesh, what a day. Next time I'll try to have a more positive attitude.
(hee-hee, that is a good one)
Anybody else got issues?


curtis.noble said...

hahaha...this list is funny! Can I add some of my own?

1. People who buy vowels on Wheel of Fortune when they clearly know the answer to the puzzle! It's a waste of money!

2. driver's who change lanes without looking

3. People who keep campaign bumper stickers on their cars

That's about it. Oh, and the Republicans have submitted multiple plans. Their plan would eliminate pre-existing conditions, eliminate frivolous lawsuits, open up competition across state lines for insurance companies, and prevent insurance companies from dropping you if you get sick. the ONLY two things they're asking for is "no public option" to create competition, open up competition across state lines (accomplishes the same thing, but doesn't cost any taxpayer money!), and implement a "loser pays" tort system. This will drastically reduce healthcare costs. The republicans have a plan that works, but democrats can't stop arguing with themselves and blaming George Bush for all of our problems long enough to listen. It's funny that all this delay on health reform is being blamed on republicans. Dems have all they need to reform healthcare and be the heroes of the century, but they can't seem to agree on anything because if they do push something through, none of them will be re-elected. The disagreement among the democrats is purely political. Their constituents don't want it and if they vote for it, they're done.

Ben and Christina said...

Here's my list:

1. Tailgaters

2. Parents who refuse to admit their child cheated even though the obvious proof is right in front of them

3. Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Seahawks in the Superbowl because the referees rigged the game

4. Teenagers who steal candy at the supermarket right in front of me

That's just a short list.

I don't know what is going on in health care right now- it's all just too overwhelming to me- but, I am hoping both sides will finally come together to get something going! I guess at least I am glad that health care change IS on the agenda and being talked about, so that gives me hope something will get done!

okbushmans said...

Can I add Janeane Garofalo? I know she has played depressed yet witty sidekicks in several 90's movies, but what else has she done lately besides spew ridiculous generalizations? Yeah, she gets to me.

Oh, also my favorite local grocery store who does not accept "internet coupons" after I have filled my cart with discounted goodies and braved the store with my three kids under 6! Thank you checker at the register for deflating me completely!

Lula O said...

Grrr, those darn coupons. I bet it was Albertsons right? They always do that. Shopping with three small children, you are brave..

Christina - Teachers have a whole realm of crap to deal with that is all your own. You poor souls - and I mean that.

Curt - I hate that vowel thing. What are they thinking??

And tort reform..
Argh already. I'm tired of hearing you guys say that because the chances of that passing are like a million to one! Why? Who would stand to lose the most in that king of legislation??
What do most of our Congressmen and women do for a living?
Let me venture a guess. They are either in the insurance industry or they are attorneys, or of course they are super rich for some reason - as they couldn't run for office if they weren't. I don't know the statistics but I'd be willing to bet SERIOUS money that they make up the biggest pile in that big flaming pile of yaa-hoos!

Lula O said...

Sorry for going off, and I agree that tort reform is a necessary step, but I just don't see it happening. They aren't going to shot themselves in the foot.