Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Embrace your inner hickness to get this one..

This picture has inspired me to lose weight, wear sunblock, and stay in school. I don't care if I'm already done. I have to go back!!
Thanks Carlos!


Curt said...

This is flat out hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. btw...I started a conservative blog where I can post my political rants on. I feel bad sometimes for infiltrating your blog since I'm not a political mom! If your readers would like an opposing view of issues they can head over to My Political Blog.

My most recent post is an interesting study using Google data to show which national issue is on the top of American minds...interesting results.

My blog isn't as sophisticated as yours, I just felt I needed an outlet other than a site for political moms to spew my political views on.

Lula O said...

Good luck with the new blog. Stop by any time. Men are always welcome here with us feministing types who are always secure in our womaness. :D

Curt said...

Thanks, I am going to post a link to politicalmoms on my blog. I don't know how much time I'll have for it...but I think since my comments tend to be so long winded, I'll just post them as blog posts to my own blog.