Saturday, October 24, 2009

Picture of the Day - Courtesy of The Daily Dish

This is the kind of thing that moves me. Sorry, but communists taking over our government - since IT'S THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD, just isn't high on my list of important things to think about. I'm more concerned about why we're ranked No. 37 in the world for our health care system. I'm concerned about our country being the only well-developed country in the ENTIRE world that rations health care based on wealth. That if you can't afford your cancer treatments you're expected to beg. That's what Republican Congressmen are saying - BEG! I'm concerned about our environment and that soon our oceans will be nothing but a giant garbage dump! I'm concerned about the future for my children's sake.

Everyone has different priorities I guess.
For me I prefer not to waste my time because I have bigger fish to fry, like how to pay the bills, how to pay the 10 grand I owe in doctor bills this year because I have crappy insurance, and most especially, what to make for dinner.

What are you worried about?
(Warning - don't turn this political or trollish)


Ben and Christina said...

Hmmm....good question.

On a national level, our education system as well as health care. I am also very concerned that politicians are being paid by lobbyists to vote in their best interests, not ours.

On a personal level, I am concerned that I will screw up when I play the piano in RS tomorrow. I am worried I will botch the hair cut I am about to give my husband. I had a nightmare the other day that I was called as seminary teacher- that would be horrible- even worse then becoming a communist!

Carlos said...

I worry about healthcare, too, but we're very, very close in this David v. Goliath fight. We can't take the foot off the pedal now. (Lula, how did you like the guerilla singers?)

I have a hard time with pictures of suffering and dying animals because of our pollution and shrinking habitats for polar bears and all creatures, great and small. Our polar ice caps are melting faster than predicted while the glonal warming deniers continue to block remedial legislation.

Wow, Lula, 10K in medical expenses is really outrageous. When the Fox anchor said we'll be more like Canada I was thinking, 'I wish'...

Lula O said...

Ooo, education is a good one. Add that to my list. Eric would rather die than let me cut his hair so you go girl!

I just read today that two polls say the public option is swinging our way - 57 percent say they want some form of it. Go team!

Loved the video Carlos! Makes me swell with pride for being on the side of the underdog.
And yes a lot of health bills this year. Emergency surgery, dying thyroid, just a Charlie Brown sort of year. But, life goes on!