Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dead from Health Care Rationing: Americans - 22, Canadians - 0

Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) in testimony before the house recently went on to say how health care rationing - like in Canada (whatever!) will lead to dead Americans. According to him:
Madam Speaker, a critically ill baby was born in Canada just last month. Her name is Ava Isabella Stinson. She was born 13 weeks premature and weighed only 2 pounds. Unfortunately, Canada rations health care. And since the government must grant permission for one to have health care access, Ava was unable to get the
treatment she needed to survive....Fortunately for her, Ava's parents were able to quickly transport her to Buffalo, New York. Little Ava's life was saved by the best doctors in the world right here in America.

See the whole splendid load of tripe here.

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Another good one, a former top insurance exec blows the whistle, is here.

My favorite quote:

Not only does Texas explicitly ration care, but so does US, implicitly. Multiple
have been been published, all of which show around a 25% increased
chance of death for the uninsured. That breaks down to about 22,000 deaths in 2006 due to health care rationing based on wealth.

I remember when Harry and Louise were on the telly lying through their scripted teeth about Clinton's health care plan. And it worked! Never again, never again.


Ben and Christina said...

Maybe I'm back from the dead- i.e., having a baby. But, I may need some long-term recovery from the newborn. We'll see.

Right now, Wall Street determines whether or not we get care. I hear again and again the line, "do we really want gov't deciding our health care?" Well, I certainly do NOT want Wall Street deciding my care! I am so sickened and saddened by all of the stories of people who are dropped from their insurance plan (who they have been paying into for years and years) right before a major operation because they forgot to mention that 15 years ago they saw a determatologist for acne.

European citizens living here think it is appalling that people would choose their careers/jobs based on benefits- when will we find that practice apalling?

Bill Moyer did a piece on PBS about insurance companies have bought off politicians. I did not watch all of it, but it was very interesting, and much of it can be found here:
One thing he talked about was how insurance companies used to pay 95 cents of a dollar to actual health care, and now they are paying 80 cents to a dollar- in large part because they are using that money to pay off politicians, rather then helping Americans.

Now I am even more sickened that the Reps. and Dems. are taking such hard party lines on this issue. I knew it would happen because the dems. control so much of the House that any Rep. who sided with them (even if they are right) would be condemned and probably lose their seat in the next election. Still, it is obvious to see who which party is being bought off by the insurance companies, and I wish someone would step up and say it is not right, and we need health care reform in this country.

I could go on forever- and I am sorry to sound so angry about this issue, but I am angry about this issue! I am so sick and tired of this issue because no change ever occurs, and we so desperately need it. Our health care system is screwed up- because so many Americans do NOT have access to it and cannot afford it. That is a disgrace for the richest country in the world. I am OK with doctors only making 4 million a year instead of 10. I think they will survive and will still want to be doctors.

I am sure I ticked some people off-but it is so obvious to me that we need a change in this country- at least SOMETHING to be done. And buying off politicians is NOT the answer!

Ben and Christina said...

OK, this article is awesome- everyone MUST read it:

Lula O said...

Excellent article Christina! This subject gets me going as well. I recently read about Elizabeth Edwards interview on the Daily Show and how she said in 2007, 1 in every 700 dollars paid for healthcare in this country went to pay the salaries of United Health Care's CEOs. Can you believe it! It makes me want to throw up. I'm tired of my health being for hire. Meanwhile more people die. Or I mean the middle class dies. But still lets call Obama a racist! Glen Beck is an idiot. Seriously, he gives Mormons a bad name!!!!! Please! Join another church! Keep distracting us Beck with your asinine comments. Keep the focus away from important issues like health care reform. This guy is nuttier than my favorite nut bar.