Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Self Destruction At It's Best

For the 2010 election cycle, us Dems expected to be pounded. I wasn't surprised- whenever one party has all the power, the other party will certainly gain ground in the next election. It has happened many times before, and so I, at least, accepted that Dems would lose some of it's power. And, I was actually OK with that.
But then strange things started happening...
In Colorado, it seemed the Reps were poised to take back the Governor's seat. Until crazy lunatic Tom Tancredo (a one issue candidate who has people carrying confederate flags showing up at his rallies- yes, Curt, there are pictures of this when he was running for President in SC) decided to become a spoiler candidate and run as the American Constitution Party candidate. All of a sudden, the Rep. votes are split, and the Dem. candidate has the easiest ride to victory ever seen.
Now complete unknowns have been elected by the Tea Party. The problem? Many of them are so extreme the GOP refuses to help their efforts, and they will certainly not attract independent mainstream voters- a voting bloc absolutely necessary to win general elections. Like it or not, tea partyers (or tea baggers- hehe!) come across as crazy people. You can blame this on the media. I blame it on the words that come out of their mouths.
What is happening? The Republican party seems to be imploding. They are being destroyed from within.
As a member of the Democratic Party, I could not be happier. We were poised to lose A LOT in this next election. Now, while we certainly will lose some spots, it appears it will not be nearly as much.
So, THANK YOU TEA PARTY!!!!! By causing factions within the Republican Party, you have greatly helped us out!!!!!! This November doesn't look nearly as bad as it once did!


Mandy said...

Funny you did this post because Bryce and I were just talking about this last night, regarding that woman from Delaware. I couldn't believe she won! I agree, I think it only hurts the GOP.

curtis.noble said...

ugh...I don't like Tom Tancredo.

curtis.noble said...

Oh....and thank you Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for causing faction within the democratic party and scaring off so many democrats running for re-election!

Carlos said...

Speaking of the Tea Party, this is for Lula: Check out my latest blog post of a Christine O'Donnell appearance on Bill Maher's show -- It's really worth reposting here, Lula. Priceless. :)

Christina said...

This election could prove interesting with so much in-fighting- probably big wins and big disappointments on both sides!

Curt- I'm glad we can agree on Tancredo! I can't believe what he is doing- I almost feel sorry for the Reps., but not really:)