Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Was Jesus a liberal Democrat? Well, duh.

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Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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Christina said...

I love the last part- very well said. That's why I don't understand why people keep bringing religion into the conservative arguement. The Dems can be seen just as much as Christians, if not more so in many instances. Oh, well.

Curt said...

I like Steven Colbert, but that's a stupid video. Jesus taught love, compassion and charity out of free agency. LDS folks know who it was that suggested we be forced to obey. "liberal democrats" want to legislate charity and redistribution of wealth. They want to compel, coerce, or in other words, "force" obedience. Remember who's idea that was?? Also, isn't it the conservatives that donate to charity at higher rates than the liberal democrats...like by their own free will??? Just sayin.

But yeah, Jesus was liberal. The law of consecration was/is a very liberal law...but it only works when the saints are so righteous that 100% of them choose to live by that law. Joseph Smith was instructed to abandon the practice because the early saints were not righteous enough to live it.

Lula O said...

Really you're comparing democrats to satan now??????????????????really. surprise, surprise. This is what pisses me off about the "moral majority" that is the Republican party. Get off your high horse. Explain it away all you want. Colbert's words were spot on in the end.

Curt said...

not exactly. You (via Colbert) were comparing democrats to Jesus, which is just as absurd.

And no, Colbert missed the boat in the end. He implies that Republicans are being hypocritical claiming the religious moral compass while at the same time blocking legislation to extend unemployment benefits. He completely over-generalized the issue to mock republicans.

So sit down and take a breath...I wasn't necessarily comparing democrats (as people) to satan, so much as I was comparing their agenda as it relates to legislating the redistribution of wealth, to the ideas of satan.

Lula O said...

Oh curt you're so damn condescending. You're putting a whole lot of words in Jesus's mouth. Did you know him personally? You know all that for a fact huh. Where are some examples of His saying we could pick and choose which of the poor we help in the New Testament. And yes Colbert was mocking Republicans, it was satire after all. And he wasn't implying. I totally agree with him. They are being hypocritical. And let's be serious - everybody knows Jesus wasn't really a democrat OR republican for that matter. But you're just affended because a lot of conservatives think they have the Christian thing cornered. Like you own it or something. You obviously think that or you wouldn't make such an assinine comment like I'm a Satan followers because I'm a Democrat. And comparing the Democrats "agenda" to following Satan is exactly the same thing. Judgemental crap.