Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hold On Moms

I was reading some Tina Brown (the editor in chief of Newsweek) today and she was thinking about how she missed Michelle Bachmann and her comments about mothers bearing the brunt of this recession by trying to keep their families sane as well as intact with band aids and duct tape. Even thinking about this makes me tired. Er, I'm sorry, I mean, tireder.

I love to read about politics and lately the political testosterone-filled reality show has been unsurpassed, but I forget that it wears. me. out. Too much man stuff is going on, so much so that the stuff (testosterone) is flinging from their pores. I don't want anymore of that crap on my skin.

It's making me break out.

I want the sweet smells of women who get me. Me, meaning 50 percent of the voting block. No one running for office seems to give a damn that we, women, are bearing the brunt of the recession just as much if not more than men. So many jobs descriptions, so little time. Worker, doctor, psychologist, cook, maid, accountant, shoulder to cry on, support, chauffeur, life coach, and sex slave (Ok, that one's not that bad). Give me another minute and I'll think of ten more.

We need a voice. A human connection that brings the points that matter to women into focus. Bachmann went back to crazy so currently we have none. Sarah Palin? Hillary Clinton? Elizabeth Warren? Anyone? I'm ready to be courted. I'm ready to hear someone, man or woman, ANYONE who will speak in a rallying cry that isn't that steady sugar-free diet of tax reform and vulture capitalism. I'm not only hungry for something of substance. Something that really affects me and my everyday life. Something that actually matters.

I'm starving for it.


Christina said...

You bring up some great points. I hadn't really thought about women losing their voice, but mostly because the women who have a voice (Palin, Bachman) annoy me to no end. I would really like a competent woman to step forward who doesn't come across as merely daft and uneducated, and Hillary is never in the States to have a voice in America. Sigh.

Too bad we're too busy raising kids to be the rallying cry of the entire nation:)

Lula O said...

I agree about Palin and Bachmann. That's why I like Elizabeth Warren right now. I'm hoping she'll try in 2016. And I wish that Obama would dump Biden and take on Hillary as VP. I've heard she might leave Sec of State this spring. That would leave her plenty rested by August. Sigh. I know I'm dreaming here. Obama's too loyal.

Just sick of the man fights back East. Women just don't fit in the equation anywhere.