Thursday, June 25, 2009

When IS it OK?

In light of this weeks top stories, I had to post. First, we have the hilarious story of this man:

Oh, Governor Sanford- what a stupid, stupid man you are. Of course, it is incredibly sad that he decided to cheat on his wife when he has four sons at home to take care of- that part is a true tragedy. But, honestly, who is dumb enough to simply vanish for three days (4? 5? I forget how many) when you are the GOVERNOR, not tell anybody where you are going, and expect not to get caught? That part is hilarious to me- I think we can all safely put him out of the presidential nominee category!
Then perhaps the saddest story of all- our beloved Jon and Kate. Who could have seen this one coming? Once again, a love affair coming inbetween the most beloved of couples. Love of the camera, and the love of another woman.

Then, on the radio last night, the DJ was asking a very thoughtful and wonderful question. She asked, "When IS it ok to have an affair?" I had to stop and think. Kate is overbearing- surely that is a good enough reason to have an affair. The Argentine was hot- surely that's a good enough reason. One silly woman actually called in and said it was NEVER ok to have an affair, but that idea was (thankfully) quickly quelched by the listeners. So, I decided to come up with my own list of when it is ok to have an affair:
1. When it starts out "innocent" and "accidentally" happens
2. When your spouse is a little controlling
3. When Ben forgets to floss his teeth- totally grosss!
4. When the guy is REALLY REALLY REALLY hot (or, just a little hot)
5. When Ben comes home late from work- that gives me so much extra free time for other activities
6. When I can pretend like I am hiking and lie to the entire country- that's awesome!
7. When I just need to get away from the kids
8. When I happen to accidentally be in a singles bar and somebody hits on me and makes me feel good about myself
9. Whenever Ben makes me mad
10. Pretty much whenever I want it to be OK.
Any other reasons that it's totally OK to have an affair?


Your Favorite Friend said...

Completely disagree...this is not "just plain funny." Was it funny when John Edwards or Bill Clinton had an affair? Why is it only funny when a republican has an affair? Both sides have their fair share. I never think it's "funny." It's always a tragedy for the family and for the people they serve. I can say this...Governor Sanford is more of a man that John Edwards, Bill Clinton, or any other man who lies and tries to cover it up to protect his own power will ever be.

I searched this blog to see what was written about John Edwards' affair...three lines, then the topic was changed to the ever important issue of the price of Sarah Palin's clothes! Christina you didn't mention you thought it was funny that Edwards cheated on his poor cancer ridden wife? But it's funny that Gov. Sanford betrayed his wife and sons? It smells of a liberal double standard. Don't get me wrong, there are double standards in all of politics. I just don't like to participate in them. If someone makes a mistake and betrays public or private trusts, they should resign, which is what Sanford did. I should note that Edwards only resigned when he realized he couldn't win, not because he realized that he betrayed his family and the public. Bill Clinton lied under oath about the incident and didn't step down. Apparently he was "too big to fail?" If Sanford had tried to lie and cover it up, that would be funny to me. It's funny that Bill Clinton said under oath "I did not have sex with that woman." The fact that he did is not funny...just the fact that he lied about it. So I guess it's funny that Gov. Sanford lied to his staff as though nobody would find out. I'll bet he's wishing he were democrat right about now with the media and his peers on his side pleading for his privacy to be honored.

John and Kate...ahhh...whatever. I don't like them. I think they're exploiting their children to further her book career. She should have waited until she successfully raised her children to write her parental memoirs.


Rachel said...

I think that it is never okay to be unfaithful to a spouse/dating companion, but isn’t it interesting how many prominent figures in the world and even many every day people have had or are having affairs. It has become a very commonplace thing. What strikes me about all of these possible reasons that someone could use to justify their actions is how SELFISH they sound! It is all about ME or I and they never stop to think about how their actions will affect others or maybe they just don’t care enough to stop.

Also, I would like to comment on the Jon & Kate issue. I generally dislike reality TV, but I have enjoyed watching this show (maybe because of the connection I have with the infertility struggle). However, I am VERY disgusted that they would drag their kids through a divorce on national television. They keep saying “it’s for the kids.” Tell me another lie! Most kids are never going to look back and say, “I am glad mom and dad made millions for us at the expense of their marriage.” It is the parents who are enjoying the lifestyle that the show brings, and they have convinced themselves they are just providing for their family. Yes, maybe they are very financially secure, but they are putting their family in an emotionally insecure environment at this point. Which is more important? Again, I see the theme of SELFISHNESS, a growing societal disease.

This all makes me ask the question, “Are my husband and I taking the right steps to prevent a situation like this from happening in our marriage?” As much as we despise their actions, I don’t think any of us is above making similar mistakes.

Sorry for the long comment. I just had a lot of thoughts on this issue.

Danielle and Jason said...

Both of these stories have really bugged me too. What is the deal with politicians and elicit affairs recently? GEEZ! They all seem so skeezy, and my question is why do their wives ALWAYS stand behind them? I mean seriously - John Edwards' story is the worst. Young kids, wife with terminal cancer - can you get any more selfish than that?
As for Jon & Kate, well, I think it's a story that's more common than we'd like to believe, it just usually doesn't occur with 8 kids and a TV show. Keeping my own personal feelings about their relationship as it has appeared on the show to myself, I will post a link to this article, which actually has some valid points:

Ben and Christina said...

An affair is never funny- that's not what I think is funny about Sanford. What I think is funny is that he just disappears and doesn't think anybody will find out. All of these politicians are still thinking they can have affairs and totally cover them up- come up with some lie or another and the news will never catch on. You would think after Clinton both sides would have learned their lesson. If Edwards had ditched the country for 3 days while acting as governor in a difficult time (as SC is currently going through), I would have thought the same thing- stupid, stupid, stupid man. Well, he is stupid because he thought nobody would find out anyway, he just didn't randomly disappear and not tell anybody- that's what I think the funniest part is- how can you be so naive? I just don't get any of these high power men- why do they feel so compelled to cheat? Granted, I guess statistically 1 in 3 men will cheat on their wives (according to Oprah), and the vast majority of wives never find out. It is just disgusting that our society has seemingly accepted it, as Rachel said. And, I totally agree that it all boils down to selfishness- I hope everybody got that I was being sarcastic when I wrote this. It seems that people will come up with whatever excuse they want to do what they want because it makes them happy. And, yes, it doesn't matter if it's a D or an R at the end of your name-it's rediculous!!!

And Danielle- I really liked that article. It pretty well sums up what I have been thinking as well in that regard!

Your Favorite Friend said...

yes...okay now we agree. I think it's funny that he just thought he could say he was off hiking somewhere and nobody would know.

I think he knew deep down inside that he would get caught. How could you not?!

Lula O said...

Curt - Yes, and of course, it wasn't a "double standard" at all for you to say Sanford was more of a man than Clinton or Edwards. Thanks for not participating! Ha! Their all scumbags, let's not make excuses for any of them please. Enough with that CONSERVATIVE double standard.

I wrote that post on Edwards and Palin. I compared the two situations, slammed Edwards and went soft on Palin even though she was way out of line with those EXTREMELY over the top shopping sprees. I've made fun of Clinton's past numerous times on this site. Enough with the trollish lecturing and high and mighty attitude. We're all grown-ups here.

I like the mockumentary post Christina. I took it for how it was intended. Another good reason to have an affair? When your spouse gets fat don't you know...

Bryce and Mandy said...

How exactly is Sanford more of a man than Clinton or Edwards? They all cheated on their wives, got caught and lied and finally admitted the truth when they had no other choice. They all sound like anything but a real man.

And, unless it happened recently today, Sanford didn't resign. He only resigned from some GOP governor's post, not the actual governorship. He is still the governor of SC. So, he is just like the others. Apparently he is "too big to fail" also.

And he did lie to cover up his story. When he was first asked where he was he did lie and say he was hiking. It was only when reporters kept digging that he fessed up in his news conference.

As for Jon and Kate, that whole thing just makes me very sad. I used to watch the show and I still watch if there isn't anything else on. I happened upon the episode where they announced they were breaking up. I just wish they would stop the show. The show doesn't have to go on, like Kate said. I think they should quit so their kids don't have to be shown on tv while their parents are divorcing.

okbushmans said...

The media always has a field day with politician affairs! And the entertainment side of the media finds humor in EVERY case (except with the Edwards, because as you have pointed out, there is nothing funny about a pretty-boy cheating on his terminally ill wife with young kids at home).

Whether it is foot tapping in an airport, or Spitzer's Gollum-like appearance, they will find humor in it. And nice list Christina. I would like to add "11. He just seemed to understand me so much more than my husband...although we only corresponded through e-mails and text messages. He always told me he "luvd" me." The internet is the new club/bar to find a mistress in.