Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bumper Sticker Faux pas

I am coming across some obnoxious bumper stickers that I think people should remove. I would love to hear some that you have found that you think should be outlawed as well!!!!

Here are my favorites for being banned from society:

If you want $5 gas, vote democratic.

I was at the gas station the other day with somebody who had that sticker. I looked at the price of gas, and it was $2.49- far lower than what it was when Bush was in office. Because this supposed bumper sticker prophecy did not come true, he should remove it- otherwise, he just looks like a goon.

Another one:
How is that hope and change working out for you?

Let's see...since Obama has been president, my stocks have gone up about 40%, we are more respected as a country, and we passed universal health care. I would say that "hope" and "change" are working out pretty dang GREAT for me!!!! So, while this sticker is supposed to be a stab at people like me, it reminds me instead of how grateful I am that Obama is the president, thus defeating the purpose of the bumper sticker, and therefore should be removed.

Here's another:
I'll keep my money and my guns, you can keep the change

When I saw this one, I was tempted to follow the guy until he got to wherever he was going and ask him what guns of his were taken away and what his tax return was this year. As far as I can tell, Obama has done nothing to take away guns, AND I got a MASSIVE tax return this year- so it seems to me, we are keeping our guns, we are keeping our money, and we are getting a change for a better America- SWEET! But, again, this person just looks like a goon because the message on his sticker is completely false.

Now, this last bumper sticker is actually one that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! It is my favorite bumper sticker of all time- and I am being completely honest. Here it is:

Colorado: We don't waste money on education

What more needs to be said than that?

Any favorites of yours?


curtis.noble said...

you should credit Bush for your larger than normal tax return. The Bush Tax Cuts were phased in through 2010, including the child tax credit. It maxes out by 2010.

Obama is proposing to let these credits expire by the way.

So by having a baby in 2009 your tax return would naturally be higher.

The fact is that Obama's tax policies have not affected tax rates in 2009 positively. There was an adjustment to the tax brackets as they phased out part of the Bush Tax tax bracket went UP 3%. Because of this, more is now being withheld from my paychecks.

Lula O said...

Wow, you can get a higher tax credit when you have a kid that year? Wow! Who knew!
*super splat***
You must really think we're stupid Curtis..

Ben said...

Actually, most of our huge tax return came from the one-time tax credit and tax rebates we got from buying energy efficient doors. Of course, we got more back from the baby, but we had already factored that into our W-2's. (FYI, though- I am absolutely NOT opposed to paying more in taxes- right now our education for our children is totally screwed, several critical services are being cut for mentally disabled people, and there is an oil spill in the Gulf that I believe BP is only paying a small fraction of the clean up on, even though it was their mess. I am tired of so many people wailing about how high our taxes are, when in reality they are absolutely not, and as a result we are in massive dabt that we will never get out of and our grandchildren will inherit. Thank you, Raegan, for preaching that when you want to spend, you don't raise taxes- you just borrow from somewhere else)

Bottom line, though- I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad Obama is president, and everytime I see one of these bumper stickers, it reminds me of that:)

Now we just need another sticker that says:

Texas: We make up our history.

And, Curt- I am glad you are joining us still! It is good to have another viewpoint- I mean that (even if I disagree with you)!

Ben said...

Woah- I'm in logged in as my husband so the comments I am making are coming up under his name- sorry, but it's just me- Christina!

Lula O said...

I too don't mind another view point as long as it's not condescending..

The only bumper sticker I can think of is one from the election year. I'm voting for Palin and what's his name Which by the way, she happened to make an appearance in Boise yesterday to support a wacko primary candidate for Congress. (Of course, they're both wacko, so whichever one she chose to back didn't matter.) They couldn't fill up the arena!!! Had to give anyway tickets for free! hehe

Curt said...

LOL...that Palin bumpersticker sounds hilarious!

jamck said...

If you attribute the 40% increase in the value your stocks to President Obama, then who will get the credit for Universal Health Care when it goes into effect? I suppose drawing a line in time makes it easy justify any opinion, but if the president is the reason for stock values then who needs companies to produc

okbushmans said...

One that I've seen is "I like Obama, bu is America ready for a President with brains?"
Opposite side: "God and Obama, only difference? God doesn't believe he is Obama!"

Christina said...

I like those:)