Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thank you George Bush!!

It seems we forgot to be thanking our past president for all the glorious things he's done for us.
Thank you George Bush!!!
-You gave a huge tax credit to the wealthy. Woo-hoo! Yeah team! You're awesome! Middle class me damned..

- Health care, smelth care. Your emergency room advice was spot on, poor poor multi- millionaire.

- You were the lead in Dick Cheney's puppet show of torture and death.

- You started a terrible, massively expensive war that will set our country back for decade upon decade, just to get even with the guy who tried to kill your dad. What a good son!

- Thanks to your Dick Cheney we soon will no longer have a Gulf of Mexico. Who needed it anyway right? Hey, maybe we can change the name to the Sea of Black Death!

- You're lack of regulating probably led to the Wall Street disaster. Woo-hoo!! Because remember, everything bad that happens is the president's fault, right?

So, again. Thanks so much for all your help. Much appreciated.

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Ben said...

I was reading a blog where this guy was saying how he was hoping Jeb Bush would be elected in 2012 and he was really looking forward to that.

I thought to myself, "you honestly think another Bush would ever become President?" I wholeheartedly admit Jeb should have been president over George and he would have been way better, BUT I believe George has ruined any hope for any other Bush to ever be elected.

(Oh, and you forgot to mention destroying education by passing the "No Child Left Untested" mandate)