Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Impressed With This Season

I have to admit, I am HATING this season of Amazing Race (sorry, Lula- I couldn't wait for your update!). It is only my second season watching, and every time I watch it I get angry.

First and foremost, I absolutely can not stand Victor and Tammy. I just want to slap Victor's rediculous grin off his face. He is so amazingly cocky- how many times can he mention per episode that he is a lawyer?? News flash, Victor- nobody cares or is impressed that you are a lawyer! There are plenty of lawyers- get off your high horse. Then, I loved how Tammy said Sunday, "our dad thinks we're so privledged"- gee, I wonder if it's because last week you said the biggest car you ever drove is a Mercedes Benz, or because while others were crying about the poverty the Indians lived in, they were laughing and thought it was cute that the children were naked eating elephant dung. Ughhh- they make me sick! Now, granted, part of the reason I hate them is because of Nick and Starr from last season, and perhaps that is not fair. But, honestly, they just annoy me to no end! If they win, I have vowed to never watch the show again- and I mean it, I dislike them that much!
Another thing I hate about this season: the U-Turn. When the U-Turn was given, it was rediculous because you had to go straight from the U-Turn to the pit stop, meaning there was no time to make up the time lost from the u-turn- whoever got u-turned was going to be kicked off! It's like they purposely want to take out any suspense that could have been generated. Also, I'm mad they kicked off the strongest team. What I hate about most reality shows is that they always kick off the best team/person so the best person never wins- which I hate. With this u-turn, they were able to kick off one of the strongest teams- which annoyed me.
Also, why do they cast beekeepers and hillbillies? Just so we can get a good laugh at their ignorance? They obviously don't have a chance to win, they just put them on so we can make fun of them. They might as well only have 9 teams.
Then, with this particular season, everything has been perfectly predictable. This happened last season as well, and it's just boring. For instance, I can pretty much guarantee that barring some miracle, the stuntmen will be kicked off next week. We all knew it would either be the stuntmen or the blondes kicked off on Sunday, but it didn't really matter because whoever wasn't kicked off would be kicked off next week.
Sunday's episode, of course, was the most predictable. Victor and Tammy started in front and stayed in front the entire time. Then there was a large cluster of people who stayed a large cluster of people the entire time. In last were the blondes who stayed in last the entire time. The only reason they came close to catching up is because the stuntmen stupidly chose the road block that was 100,000 times harder and more time consuming then the other (another annoyance- road blocks should be equal, and those two were definitely not).
I am sure some of you are loving this season, but I am definitely not!


Bryce and Mandy said...

That is a bummer that you aren't enjoying this season. :( I am actually really liking it. There aren't any teams that I dislike (never happened to me before), some I like more than others, but none that I am wanting off the show. Tammy and Victor are probably my least favorite but I like her so they aren't so bad for me.

I like the places they have gone this time too. I loved seeing the places in Europe and I liked when they went to Transylvania, very creative.

I especially love the challenges this time. They have been great. I loved the cheese, almost as good as the dancing by the frat boy last time. I think there have been some really creative ones this time.

A few years ago they had on two hippies (young ones) who were just having a good time throughout the show and they actually won. There was also a really old couple who I thought would be gone right off ones season and they made it to the end. So I guess you never know who is going to excel at this race but I do see what you mean. The beekeepers or hillbillies have little chance of making it and I am sure they just do it for entertainment value.

I hope it picks up for you!

Lula O said...

I totally agree about Victor and Tammy. Completely full of themselves, and the same with the outbackers who always get eliminated right away. But like Mandy I do like the locations this year, and the challenges have been pretty good. No clear favorites for me again though.

Lula O said...

And where are hippies? I loved those guys that year. Wonder if they started a commune.

Ben and Christina said...

Ben says once the stuntmen are off next week it will be interesting again. I hope he's right!!! Maybe that's it- I just need to wait until the obvious ones are sent home (and hope that V and T are sent home soon as well!).

The Bradfords said...

Not my favorite season, either, and they survived this week! Those stuntmen are definitely dumb. With the amount of mistakes they've made they just don't deserve to be as far as they are. I was so sad--I really liked Mike and Mel. Mostly because Mike wrote and was in "School of Rock" which I thought was a brilliant show. My kids get mad because I call him Ned Schneebly (his character in "School of Rock".) But I loved the quiet interaction he had with Mel. It was priceless when Mel made jokes and Mike wouldn't even acknowledge that his dad had spoken. I will miss them. Jamie and Cara really bug. If they win I'll spit fireballs.

Lula O said...

I'd love to see you spit fireballs! I agree they are reee-aaly mean. Perhaps they've forgotten they're on tv. Who wouldn't want to date those lovely ladies??? Anyone?