Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cry Baby

Idaho's Governor, Butch Otter, (yes, that is his name) is living up to my expectations. His latest move is to veto everything that ends up on his desk (35 bills so far) and keep the state legislators in session until he gets what he wants.

The Governor wants to raise the gas tax and the state lawmakers keep voting it down. The Governor says he won't back down and will continue to veto everything until they pass what he wants. Real mature.

This has, so far, been the second longest running session in Idaho and it is costing the tax payers $30,000 a day to keep it going! Apparently this doesn't matter to Governor Otter.

What makes me so angry is why do we have state legislators who vote on things when the Governor won't respect what they decide? Instead the Governor tries to bully them to do what he wants. It just doesn't seem right to me.


Lula O said...

That is an excellent picture! And I couldn't agree more. What is it 3 million spent on this extra time so far? What a joke. You'd think a Republican gov and a Rep. legislature would be able to get along. One again people vs. potholes. He refuses to let the people win. Real mature.

Ben and Christina said...

Wow! That is horrible! Apparently he doesn't want to get re-elected!