Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Attack of the mighty cheese - The Return of The Amazing Race

Where in the world was The Amazing Race this week?
Anybody have any guesses from the picture above? Truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I love this tv show! I love to live vicariously though other people. Even strangers! That's why I like this program so much more than Survivor. In The Amazing Race, the landscape is as much of a character to be watched as the contestants, who unfortunately are always cast the same from season to season without much variety.

The challenges appear to be as funny as ever this year. From the rolling fifty pound cheese incident last week (they're lucky no one died from a deadly cheese smack to the head) to the pie-in-the-face smacking (which made me hungry).

The contestants include, as always: two blonde's without a clue ("I’ve never felt like such a dumb blonde in my entire life.”), a couple from the sticks, siblings that fight, a dating couple that gets along so-so, two parent/son teams, two of the tiniest stunt men I've ever seen, and of course, married couples trying to save their relationships while they travel. Because you know... that's the best place to work on a marriage.

Overall, it looks to be a satisfying season. Waa-hoo.


Peter said...

Peg watches that, I may give it a shot.

Bryce and Mandy said...

I guess Munich but I already know it is wrong. What a beautiful part of the world!

I love this show. Peter, you should definitely check it out. The cheese was hysterical. As good as the guy marching last season.

Ben and Christina said...

It is very reminiscent of last season- which is why I already don't like the brother/sister couple who won last week. Blah- just like the annoying ones last season!

okbushmans said...

Thank you for re-introducing me to this show. I've missed the past few seasons, but thought I'd give it a try. And I love this show. Of course they have the obligatory cheerleaders, feuding family members, etc. But I love the deaf man and his mom. I took Sign Language, and love seeing what I can catch.

And why didn't they just roll the round cheese wheels down the hill, wouldn't that be faster than sliding down on your bottom with it in your lap? Can't wait for next week!

Ben and Christina said...

I was shocked at the hillbillies who were smart enough to turn their cart into a sled and carry all 4 down at once! What a brilliant idea- I am glad they are the only ones that thought of it!

I also love the deaf son and mom- plus, they're from Colorado:)

Peter said...

Looks Swiss to me. I saw where CBS is projecting my beloved Illini to play in Boise. Long way away, Lula?

Lula O said...

My parents live five minutes (I live fifteen minutes)from the stadium, and because they already have season BSU tickets, are guaranteed at least four seats for the tournament I think. We've been before, it's really fun.

The gorgeous shot is of the Alps in Ruhpolding on the Austrian/German border.

And yes, I agree the cheese challenge was seriously funny.