Monday, February 16, 2009

Should I be worried?

A family member gave me this book yesterday.
I think I'm going to kill myself....Ugh.


Peter said...

I'm guessing it was a FEMALE family member?

From what I can tell from your teeny pic, your clock looks perfectly set. My wife, who I think looks amazing period, but for being 51, she's awesome, always worries about her weight, clothes, the stray gray hair, etc.

To go back to your Valentines question, and the boy/girl thing--we love the way you look, just the way you are, and wish you wouldn't stress over it.

Ben and Christina said...

That is really funny! I am guessing it was meant as a compliment?

Lula O said...

Besides the Aborigines, how many people are this tan with blonde hair? I bet she's not even wearing underwear.

Good grief.

I'm sure the main reason he got it was because it was on sale and I'm over forty.
I'm just teasing, no harm done.;P

Bryce and Mandy said...

Ha Ha! Very funny! I know how you love Denise Austin :)

okbushmans said...

You're no where near 40 are you?

Lula O said...

I'm so near forty, it's like we're connected, and not it a good way.

I began my fifth decade last year. I'm practically a senior citizen.