Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Tale of Two Jessica's

I thought after I had a baby I would lose the weight quickly and look like I did before I had one. HA!! That's a good one isn't it. :) I was so naive... I saw all of these Hollywood stars who looked like they weren't pregnant in the first place a week after having a baby. I was thin before I had my first baby so I thought I would be like them. Well, I could barely even move a week after childbirth, let alone remotely resemble what I used to look like pre-pregnancy.
I know stars have nannies and personal trainers but still, how do they look so good so quickly? Well, thank you Jessica Alba for revealing a little secret. She recently gave an interview and admitted to wearing a girdle to help with the extra baby fat. Granted, I figured a lot of these women did this but it is just so refreshing to have one admit it! They aren't perfect! They struggle with baby fat, just like we do. She also said she tried working out to help lose the weight and she would just cry afterward. Thank you Jessica Alba, a kindred spirit.
Now, I am sure unless you have been living under a rock you have heard all the kerfuffle going on about Jessica Simpson's weight gain. I'm just curious what other's thoughts are on this subject. She has definitely exploited her body image to help further her career. So, when you build your image based on your body are you fair game when you gain weight?
For me personally, I don't think her weight gain is that big of a deal. So what if she is no longer a size 2. My only problem with those pictures are those horrible pants she chose to wear! Eeek! But, I digress... The girl is just really happy right now. So she doesn't look like she did when she did the Dukes of Hazzard, big deal. She admitted to working out for hours each day to look like that. Do people really think women over 22 can just naturally look that good without a ton of effort? Since she looked so good before is she now expected to maintain that image forever? It must be tough being a woman in Hollywood. No wonder the women wear girdles after having babies.


Lula O said...

Just a typical example of the media's treatment of women. Seriously they must have Herculean self-esteem issues to be able to withstand the scrutiny.

But that choice of outfit? Hmm..
There's definitely a price to be paid for celebrity. Imagine not being able to leave your house without looking fantastic! (We'll I wouldn't know because I always look great...)

Lula O said...

And if Jessica Simspon is fat in that picture then I'm a blubbery whale!

Ben and Christina said...

Apparently she had some sort of meltdown at a concert yesterday- she was the intro-band (I forget what they call that) and forgot the lyrics and started crying or something. Maybe this bad media attention- which I agree is completely unwarranted- is getting to her. Or, maybe she is pregnant! It's got to be tough for these girls to be under such scrutiny all of the time.