Sunday, September 28, 2008

Angry Old Man vs. The Pauser - My take on Friday night's debate

I don't know about you, but boy was I relieved that McCain was able to find the time in his busy schedule of thwarting the progress of the bailout compromise, and head to Mississippi to attend the first presidential debate. Although he would probably profess otherwise, he hasn't had the best week. His VP choice is falling off the deepest part of the deep end, the 'fundamentally strong' economy tanked, his supposedly suspended campaign seemed staged more than anything and he's now David Letterman's archest enemy.

Considering all that, I will give McCain some credit here, he did better than I thought he would. It was his debate to lose. I believe he offered nothing more than what most people already knew, he's experienced in foreign policy, he's a war vet, and he's got a furious temper.

I believe Obama fared a bit better, but not by much. One of his weaknesses is foreign policy, I believe he showed increased amplitude on this subject here, although it takes him so long to finish a sentence, I almost got lost in grammatical no man's land, where Sarah Palin apparently lives. (People that pause too much give me migraines. I want to finish the sentences for them. Except in Palin's case, I want to write them for her.)

I will say also Obama seemed calmer, smarter and more presidential. Just what I'm looking for in the next President of the United States. But seriously, couldn't they have looked at each other a little more?? There appeared to be no love lost between these two men, especially from McCain, who did everything in his power to talk down to the Senate newbie. Aren't we grown-ups here?

This seems more like playground bullying than intelligent debating. In the words of Rodney King during the LA riots - Can't we all just get along?
Apparently not.


Ben and Christina said...

I have to say, I could only watch the debate for about 5 minutes. Neither one answered the questions that were asked- they answered whatever question they wanted to be asked. Granted, that is only based on my 5 minutes of watching. A CNN poll found that Obama won by a landslide, but I am sure a FOX poll would say otherwise.

Judy said...

I watched the debate thru my world only, realizing that I didn't really listen to much of any thing Obamah had to say. His lack of experience really does frighten me. I too, have trouble with his stutteres. I was offended by his referring to Senator Macain as John. I don't know if it is a generational, thing or if it is really showing a lack of respect. Senator Macain always called him Senator. They really had their own agenda and did not answer the questions. Maybe the moderator should be there to only signal the end of the round and throw out a topic. Take off the gloves and let thom go at it as in Ultimate Verbal Fighting. Age is not the issue in my world. What about the POPE. Wisdom rules .

Lula O said...

The old, in my reference to John McCain, encompassed many meanings, not just his actual age, but how he came across in the debate. For me, he represents the old administration; Obama the new. The last few years haven't been good for many of my 'hot button' issues, like education, health care and the environment. I'm ready for someone to be in office that might take care of some issues like these here at home, instead of attacking that country Sarah Palin can see out of her window...
And as far as wisdom and experience goes, they don't always go hand in hand. Some people are born great, others just do great things. Which are the better leaders? Only history knows..

Bryce and Mandy said...

I didn't watch the debate. I think it all goes back to when dad used to debate on TV and I hated watching it. It was very stressful. So, I don't watch them, they make me too nervous. I also find them very dull. I even tried to watch the SNL parody of it and I didn't finish it, I just got bored. But, I have watched the clips from it and I have heard commentators say it was basically a tie but that is a win for Obama since he is ahead in the polls. The only comment I have on it is that I didn't like that McCain wouldn't look at Obama when he was addressing him, he would just look at the crowd. I found that rude. I agree with you Leslie, age does not always bring wisdom. I'm looking forward to the VP debates, I might actually have to watch that one. It might prove too entertaining to miss. The guy who doesn't stop talking and the woman who doesn't know what she is talking about.

Lula O said...

I couldn't agree more.