Monday, September 29, 2008

Book Review - Fearless Fourteen (A Stephanie Plum Novel)

Fearless Fourteen (A Stephanie Plum Novel)
by Janet Evanovich

Oh, I remember the good old days, when these Plum novels (Numbers 1-10) were wildly funny, super sexy and mildly entertaining. Now I'm wondering....what happened? Here we are with number fourteen and I was bored out of my mind after the first chapter. The last 5-6 of these novels have been the same story rehashed with the only changes being which animal will be highlighted (this one was a monkey)and what year and make of car will blow up. Yawn....nothing but bland bean burrito without cheese. Where's the hot sauce, where's the lettuce and tomato??

To say Ms. Evanovich is not stuck in a rut the size of her home state of New Jersey is like saying they don't sell more Aquanet hairspray there than in any other state. Some suggestions to spice it up and make me ever want to read another one....

1. Kill off Rex the hamster. What is he, 50 years old now? She needs a new pet, like a snake that accidentally eats Rex.
2. Enough with the Ranger-Morelli stand off. Everybody is sick of it. Stephanie needs to pick one and move forward. Isn't she in her forties by now? Is she still going to be a bounty hunter when she's Grandma Mazur's age?
3. Get her married or pregnant or something. You'd be surprised how funny commitment can be.

Fearless Fourteen, didn't seem so fearless to me. It seemed like, it lined my pockets with money so I don't care, safe. How about reckless abandon next time Janet. Be like Lewis and Clark, forge a new trail of Plum thinking through your brain. Maybe you'll find a prune instead.

I rate 3 out of 10. Yuck.

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