Friday, January 2, 2009

Arrgh! It's true. Caroline Kennedy's been Palin-ized.

Apples and oranges some said.
I said more like the North Pole and the Equator. I defended her. No way were Grandma Palin and Caroline Kennedy anything alike, other than being hot mama's.
I was wrong.
A recent quote from Kennedy,
"You know, I think, really, um, this is sort of a unique moment, both in our, you know, in our country's history and in, you know, my own life, and, um, you know, we are facing, you know, unbelievable challenges."
Seriously...I'm poking my eyes out.
You've got to be kidding me.
Sorry sweet Caroline, but until you can verbally form complete sentences, you're not ready.


Jen said...

That's kind of funny. Thanks for keepin' it real :)

okbushmans said...

Runs in the family. I found a first draft of President Kennedy's inauguration speech and it went something like this:
"Ya know, Don't ask what ya need, really, um, you should really be askin' your country, ya know, what it needs."

You wonder how many great leaders we eliminate because they don't fit the cookie-cutter image we want our President to fit. Strong jaw, physically fit, good hair, piercing eyes, broad shoulders, etc. And how many great thinkers we pass-up because they stumble over their words when being interviewed. But I agree, this is a good example of how she is not yet ready. Run a campaign, survive debates, set up your platform, all of which should help with her speaking abilities.

Did Katie Couric get this quote?

Lula O said...

Perhaps she could, or will get away with it because the bar has been ah, lowered of late i.e. Pres Bush, Mrs. Palin.

I don't mean to be hard on her, because I believe she's as qualified as Hillary was, if in fact there are 'qualifications' other than being a lawyer, maybe she was just nervous, on her period, who knows.

You just can't practice or fake this kind of 'off the cuff' speak. You're either good at or you're not.