Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What to do when your husband likes The Bachelor more than you do.

I now live in a house divided. A rift has settled over our once happy household. A political battle you say? A battle over discipline? Religion? No, we could only be so lucky. Instead it's absurdity over the sensible. It's a battle over......The Bachelor.

The Bachelor, a tv show with only one redeeming quality. The guy is cute.

That's it.

I can find nothing else. I can find no other reason to watch it. And believe me, I've tried. My husband watches it quite faithfully with my daughter. They know the names of the cast of female characters and enjoy the play-by-play of all their crazy shenanigans. They know who hates whom, who has kids already, who the back-stabbers are, who's boobs are real.

Seriously, it's like watching a painful, slow-motion car crash. But, if you're a man what's not to like? That guy is living every man's fantasy. A harem of beautiful, dim-witted women letting the claws come out over you, having sex with you, kissing you every day. Telling you amidst their teary sobs, "I think I'm falling for you", or "I've never felt this way before", or "I love you so much".

Just what a man wants is a needy, desperate girl. What a great example for my daughter. I'm all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

And, I haven't touched on those hideous rose ceremonies. The long, drawn out pauses. The downward glances. The teary goodbyes.

I think I'm going to puke. Yet my husband loves it.
I don't know what to do. Divorce? Counseling? A trail separation?

If I only I could direct him toward tv worth watching. Making fun of people who can't sing, let alone dress themselves. Ah yes, American Idol - a favorite of mine this time of year. I only tune in for the first few weeks of every season. Those are car crashes I can bear to watch. When it starts to actually showcase talent, then I'm afraid I can take no more.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel! February contains quite a list of new shows.
The Amazing Race - Feb. 15
Survivor - Feb. 12
Medium - Feb. 2

Men and women sometimes clothed, sometimes only in their underwear, traveling the world and fighting for a million dollars vs. a psychic mom and her hot husband.

Now that's great tv.


okbushmans said...

My husband and I DVR the Bachelor and watch it after the kids are in bed. And this would be my husband's worst nightmare instead of fantasy! He couldn't handle all of the emotions and gossiping and cat-fights. And he is horrible with names, so I'm sure he'd forget half their names.

We enjoy making fun of everyone, hoping our favorites (who are Melissa and Jillian, by the way!) make it through each week. Above all this show makes me SO UNBELIEVABLE GRATEFUL I am not single!!!

Lula O said...

I watched some of it with them on Monday, but I couldn't contain myself from yelling at the tv. Some of those girls are...how do I say this without insulting our sex..hmm, dumb. Like that bossy blonde girl. Wow, she was suuuper appealing! I couldn't believe he didn't propose right then. Someone needs to inform her the boss hog part comes later ;o)

And that girl who frowned and whined all the time. Even to him!

That tall athletic, enemy of everyone else there, girl kept complaining she was the best one for him and why couldn't he just see it? Okay, she could've eaten him for breakfast. He looked afraid when he was with her.

I agree if this is how the singletons are now, then the days of Sex in the City and Bridget Jones are over.


Bryce and Mandy said...

This show is so pathetic. I haven't ever watched it and never plan to. But, I have seen plenty of commercials and when they make fun of it on the Soup so I feel I have an idea of how the show works. A bunch of desperate women fighting over some guy.

What always amazes me is that they all love this stranger they just met. I mean, really? All of them? You would think at least a few of them would be like, "ehh, not my cup of tea, but thanks anyway." It makes me think they just all want to be on tv.

And where do they find these women that are okay with him making out with all these other women right in front of them? Self-respect ladies...

Anyway, enough ranting. I think it is pretty funny Eric likes the show. I didn't think guys actually watched it, especially someone like him. I only thought he watched sports. :)

I am glad there is a ray of sunshine coming in February! I can't wait!

Ben and Christina said...

I don't like the show for all of the aforementioned reasons- women so desperate to get a man/be on TV they will say and do anything and put up with a guy sleeping around with all the girls...

But, I also do find it strangely fascinating, so I see why some people do watch it. What is intruiging about it? I have no idea, and I have really only seen a few episodes, but I can see how people get hooked because it is able to pull you in somehow, even though it is pretty rediculous.

Lula O said...

I hear his old girlfriend from that first show he was on - the one were she dumped him at the alter - makes an entrance sometime before the end. And guess what? She wants him back because it didn't work out with the other guy. Tee-hee

I don't know. I might just have to watch that one. If not, I'm sure I'll get the play-by-play later.

Lula O said...

Eek! I just watched some of tonight's episode. "I just want to kiss him all over." And she's not talking about the song! Ugh, that girl needs to go home and let her eyebrows grow out.