Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Ode to Caffeine - Alas, I must bid thee farewell

Due to reasons that are beyond my control, meaning apparently my heart can no longer take the joyous raptures you bestow,
I must bid thee farewell,
my favorite drink,
my Nectar of the Gods,
my Mountain Dew.

Caffeine. My favorite drug.
I crave,
I pine,
I love.
Ah, you are a fair weather friend. But I will miss you.
What will I do without the adrenalized highs and the mind-numbing headaches, the bloated cow sort of feeling that can only come from drinking your syrupy sweetness.
Goodbye my long-suffering friend,
my lighted path in dark hallways,
my beacon in the stormy sea of life with a toddler.
Somehow I will learn how to stay awake without you.
Somehow I will go on.
I believe I have the answer....


Ben and Christina said...

How sad! But, now you can write an article for the Ensign:)

Lula O said...

Great. At least there's one benefit, sort of. Does the Ensign have a faithful dissident section?

Bryce and Mandy said...

I used to drink Mountain Dew on my long drives home from school in Utah. But, after not having it for a long and then having it again, I didn't like it anymore. It is way too syrupy and sweet. So, there is hope. Maybe after going a long time w/o and then if you get weak and try it again you won't like it anymore. :)

Lula O said...

No. I will always love it...Ah..