Friday, November 7, 2008

Amazing Race Update - "Please hold while I singe my skull."

Dallas wanted to make the moves on Starr, but found it difficult. He explained, "Starr's a cool girl, but to find that alone time just to be able to hang out…it's tough. My mom's with me. My mom’s the worst wingman ever." Starr added, "Dallas and I have a great friendship that has formed which will probably continue after the race. There is an attraction there."
Eewwww! Head band, Rocky Balboa kid is falling for the evil twin sister! Nothing like looking in on young love in action. You, me, and that kid's mother.
Double eewww!
But hey, it's made for some great television. I enjoyed this last episode immensely. Ken and Tina finally came in last. And he cried! I swear does it get any better than this? So is their relationship still headed down the porcelain potty? Do we really care?
Terrence and Sarah - newly dating couple - were also in rare form. While she tried to quickly paint the yellow auto rickshaw green, he definitely offered words of encouragement. Let me paraphrase, "Nag, nag, naggedy-nag, let me me please nag you some more, because boy it's really working." As much as I hate to say it, he's almost like a woman. Even the frat boys called him on it. If I was her, I'd be heading for the hills.
The frat boys, Andrew and Dan definitely had the most depressing line of the episode. He joked, “I’ve never ironed in my life. That’s my mom’s department. There was never any ironing going on in the frat house."


The Bradfords said...

Ahhhh! A breath of fresh air. I need a reprieve from reading about politics. Anyhoo--I think Ken and Tina are like a train wreck. I just can't turn away. I'm kind of hoping they'll do well and I felt bad for them this week, but was a little relieved that it was non-elimination! I'll be so interested to see which way they go when it's all done. It's not really a form of couple therapy that I would have chosen, but more power to them. And I'm not just saying that because Ken cried. I wonder if he cried when Tina found out he was having an affair, the dog.

Bryce and Mandy said...

I was disappointed that Ken and Tina weren't eliminated. I swear that happens every time. They kick off the ones I like and then they end up keeping the ones I want gone. Hopefully they come in last again next time. They drive me crazy!