Monday, November 3, 2008

Where Memories Lie - A Book Review

Where Memories Lie
by Deborah Crombie
"First they came for the Jews."
- Attributed to German anti-Nazi activist and former U-boat captain Pastor Martin Neimoller
This is the twelfth book in the great Scotland Yard mystery series with detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. A priceless diamond brooch and a long ago hidden murder involving an elderly Jewish neighbor who survived World War II, wraps around the two detectives as they try to deal with their own lives together and a ruthless killer bound to keep the past hidden at all costs. I was generally pleased with the book. Crombie can deftly intertwine decades, sucking you into the layered stories as effortlessly as any historian.
If you like a good mystery series with complex stories and a good sexual dynamic between it's main characters, then I highly recommend this one. If you can get past the first two, A Share in Death, and All Shall Be Well, the series takes off like a racehorse and you won't be able to quit until you're taking in the last sentence.
Wrap yourself in a blanket during a rainstorm (or sit on the heat vent like I do), sip some hot cocoa, and dive in.

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Bryce and Mandy said...

This book sounds good. I love mysteries. I will have to borrow the series from you if I can ever finish Katherine! Maybe when this election is finally over. I seriously don't know where you find the time to read all of the books that you do! You must not sleep.