Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween and Thanksgiving - May You Rest In Peace

Like this poor turkey is about to be killed off , so are the holiday's of Thanksgiving and Halloween. Instead of the Christmas holiday gluttony beginning on December 1st, or of years late on November 1st. This year I noticed the decorations, the music playing in stores, the general merriment before Halloween. One place I frequented a week before that spookiest of holidays, had already replaced their Halloween ghosts, goblins, and witches with Santa's, reindeer, and snowmen. I looked out the window at the red and yellow leaves still clinging to their branches, the hazy, warm weather, and wondered if a splinter had just occurred in the space time continuum and I'd been fast forward to somewhere further ahead of myself.
Pretty soon we'll be shopping for our Santa's and Christmas gingerbread houses in September and our Halloween costumes in July. And what about that great American holiday wedged in between the celebration's of birth and death? Thanksgiving; the heavenly aroma's, the inevitable leftovers, the turkey soup, the turkey sandwiches, the casseroles and creamy mashed potatoes that feed our families for weeks on end?
I only know that I plan on wearing earplugs in Walmart to deafen Santa Claus in coming to town while I shop for my turkey. If I can even afford one that is...


The Bradfords said...

I wouldn't miss Halloween, but I do love Thanksgiving. I used to fight the Christmas music before Thanksgiving and be sad to see so much Christmas in the stores so early, but not so much anymore. Why not celebrate Christmas early? Halloween paraphernalia comes out in early September, giving it almost two months to rack up $6 billion for the holiday that celebrates the opposite of Christmas. I'm already into the Christmas music this year and I'm strongly contemplating putting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy it longer. I can't afford to buy much for Christmas this year, so I might as well enjoy the decorations that I have. I have to go listen to Josh Groban's Christmas album now.

Bryce and Mandy said...

I totally agree with you. When I went to Walmart the week before Halloween they had all of their Christmas stuff out and the music going. I couldn't believe it! And of course I had to go in and look around. When I left I was all excited for Christmas until I thought, "wait a minute, we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet."

I'm afraid I have fallen into this Christmas frenzy. I want to decorate so bad. If it weren't for my husband thinking I was a nut for doing so my home would be filled with the Christmas cheer already. I can't help it, everywhere I go I hear Christmas music.

I have heard that the reason is because of the economy. Retailers are afraid by the time Christmas comes around people won't have the money to spend so they are trying to get them out early to get people to buy, buy, buy.

Lula O said...

I already don't have the money to spend.
Josh Groban's not so bad. At least you didn't say Celine Dion, although I like her duet with that blind Italian. He's very good.

Jen said...

I have been very perplexed by the celebration of holidays months and months prior to them actually happening. However, I have to say that when I was at Wal-mart today, I really got excited for Christmas. I have always loved it and definitely morphed from a greedy toy grubbing kid to one who strives to understand the true meaning of Christmas each year. When I was there with my kids today, Daniel who is my oldest and only 3, was asking if we could buy a Christmas tree because he thought it was pretty. I realized that I finally have a child old enough to start getting the idea. I called my hubby to see if we could put the tree up this weekend. He's not so much on board.

My thoughts, it really is the greatest time of year (in terms of celebrating Christ, not so much the vanity presents part of it). Why not celebrate it and enjoy the holiday spirit as long as possible.