Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yard Sale Sali Takes a Hit - Hallelujah!

Just have to give a shout out to Walt Minnick, our new Idaho Congressman who happens to be a Democrat (38 of the last 42 years have been held by a Republican).
Minnick, a former board member of the Wilderness Society and the Idaho Conservation League will hopefully use his connections to bridge the gap between Western Democrats and national environmentalists, especially with the upcoming vote for Southern Idaho Owyhee Canyonlands legislation that protects wilderness, wild rivers and ranchers.
He beat out incumbent Republican Bill Sali, who as far as I'm concerned is a fruitcake. I think I'm more happy that he lost than I am that Obama won!
So how did Sali lose is such a GOP friendly environment as Idaho? Oh, let me have a fantastic time telling you the ways. The guys is nuts! While serving in the Legislature for 16 years and Congress for the past two he's alienated so many Republican's by, here I will list: claimed abortion caused breast cancer, was in a tiny minority on some embarrassing votes, made national news when he said the founding fathers never imagined laying your hand to swear oaths on the Koran.
After a ridiculously mean Republican primary two years ago, in which he barely won, instead of mending fences he led the way in ousting the current GOP Chairman. It's no wonder rank-and-file Republicans are saying "I voted against Bill Sali because I think he's an idiot and I think he's ineffective."
In this race with Minnick, he has come across as nothing but a cocky, arrogant, jack @#$@#. (Can you tell which one he is in the picture? Which one looks like a jerk? It's not hard to tell.)
During their debate last month, he pulled faces while Minnick talked and at one time used his fingers as bunny ears behind his opponents head. After all the precincts reported in yesterday morning, he refused to concede, then refused to talk to reporters. Huh?
Will someone please tell this guy he wasn't running for president of his senior class, but for a seat in the Congress of the United States of America. Let's act like it please.
Good luck Walt!


Bryce and Mandy said...

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that Minnick won! Sali actually said this, "When principles outside of the Judeo-Christian tradition begin to be promoted within Congress, we should all recognize that the government given to us by the Founding Fathers will be at risk. That should give every American serious pause." And this was in reference to a Muslim, who was elected into congress, who used Thomas Jefferson's Koran to be sworn into office, and a hindu prayer being offered in the Senate by a guest chaplain. It was just embarassing that someone like that was representing me.

I haven't liked Sali since the last election when he was debating in the Republican primary. I actually watched it because I really liked one of his opponents (who I actually would have voted for if he had won the primary and he was a republican). He was so disrespectful to all of the other participants (There were like 5 of them). He was rude and laughed at the other people. Then he said something to the effect of, "Everyone knows this race is only between me and Sheila" which was a total slap in the face to everyone else sitting there on that panel. I couldn't believe how arrogant and rude he was! All I thought was, "I sure hope he doesn't win this primary."

And I must say I am so proud of Idahoans for not just voting for him because he is a republican. And it will show all of our elected officals that you can't just get away with everything because you are in a republican state. That you are held accountable for your words and actions, which is how it should be!

okbushmans said...

Sounds like the guy should be outed. Isn't it interesting to watch what power does to anyone. Even the best people with honorable intentions can be sucked in. My mom (die hard, party-line republican) voted for 2 democrats this year! Even had their signs on the front yard. The republican incumbents were corrupt and needed to go. I am waiting for hell to freeze over and Wilbur to take off in flight! I can join all my brothers and sisters in saying "never thought I'd see the day!"....bad joke. sorry.

Lula O said...

Another one slips but a finger in the door that leads to the Dark Side. Hope it doesn't cause a rift at Thanksgiving dinner. And yes that guy was nuttier than the Snicker bars I just stole from my kids Halloween bag.
Don't go away mad Sali.
Just go away.