Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Amazing Race Update - So who doesn't want to eat a sheep's bum?

Ah, we must say goodbye to my favorite manic depressive on TV. Terrence and Sarah were eliminated on Sunday night. Things I'll miss about him: his thoughtful nagging, his always wanting to be touched, his psycho hair, his whining. Hmm, what else.
Did you notice what a stoic his girlfriend was? When he screwed up and practically lost the thing for them, did you hear her whining to him about it, like he would have done to her? The woman is a saint.
And so in short, I just don't know if the show will be as entertaining to watch now. If the Superbad boys, Dan and Andrew get eliminated next it might have a hard time maintaining my attention through to the end. Especially if the brother/sister team continue to win. I'm so sick of them. Just a theory...


Ben and Christina said...

When they were eliminated, I did think to myself, "if the situation were reversed, and it was Sara's idea to do the fast forward and couldn't, I bet he would never forgive her." Very interesting.
Like you, I am not too excited about any of the remaining couples-but I haven't been excited for awhile. I REALLY hope Nick and Starr get eliminated- I agree that they are totally annoying.
Then there is the separated couple-they frustrate me because it seems like they have an attitude that the only way they can save their marriage is to win the whole competition- and if they lose, then they must get a divorce. I don't know, it just seems weird. Dan and Andrew are at least entertaining- even though they have no brain power between the two of them!!!

The Bradfords said...

I hope Dan and Andrew have to do the next leg of the race without their shoes which they left at the cow costume shop. That would make it more entertaining. I'm amazed each week at their stupidity.

Lula O said...

Ya, I forgot about that. That WOULD be funny wouldn't it. They're dumb as a bag of hammer's most of the time.

Bryce and Mandy said...

My personal favorite moments of this week's episode are when Terrence kept calling Sarah "my love" and then at the very end he said "you are a rock star." I think someone was trying to make up for losing the game for them. :) I found it pretty funny. The thought of my husband calling me "my love" in the middle of the Amazing Race makes me laugh.

I don't like Nick and Starr either but they might actually win. Look at their competition. Out of who is left I hope the mom and Dallas win, even though I don't like Dallas but I like his mom. I'm actually surprised they have lasted so long.

The frat boys are pretty entertaining aren't they. :) I wouldn't mind if they won either, it would be pretty funny if they pulled it off. I will be sad if they are eliminated for the shear entertainment value that they add.

And of course I want Tina and Ken gone like I have from the very beginning!

Jen said...

The frat boys are so irritating. However, they are entertaining, I scratch my head each episode at their stupidity.

I said it before, I am rooting for the separated couple. She is highly obnoxious and, not to justify cheating, but I can see why he went elsewhere for attention. The reason why I am rooting for them is because, even though their situation is rediculous, I think they are working together for the first time in a long time. It must me a lot for them to feel like a team, which is something that has been missing from their marriage. If they get out, then I'm going for the mother/son team. The frat boys are so stupid, they just don't deserve the million.