Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Amazing Race - Hi, I'm FeelsDud. Welcome to New Zealand

"I wonder if they like blonde's in New Zealand?" Apparently not.

Oh, I am sad to report that the pink ladies made a teary exit this week-Does anyone else think they look like twin Jamie Lynn Spears's? (I wonder where they got those fingernail polish pink sweatsuits.)

There was a lot of bickering between some of the teams this time. The frat boys were funny, one working, one complaining if the tasks were about sports trivia, he'd have all the answers. (We'll isn't that true of us all. We all remember useless information, and cannot name the three branches of our government.) The long distance dating couple didn't tango so well this time either. I don't remember his exact comment, but he was complaining about how fast his girlfriend's mood changed with her circumstance. I wanted to say: Welcome to the intricate psyche of the female. We are all that way. Maybe you'd know that if you lived in the same town as her.

The highlight of the night was finally figuring out that Phil's dad was the one introducing them to the country. At first I kept wondering who FeelsDud was. Was he a national leader? Coach of the soccer team? A sheep herder? No, he's Phil's dad!! And then, after I finally figured it out, they quit showing him close up! (I was wondering if he's as cute as Phil is. From what I could tell - no.)

Who's my favorite now? The 'Divorcees' are probably the most entertaining.


Ben and Christina said...

I thought the same thing about "Phil's Dad"! I am glad I am not the only one who couldn't tell what they were saying!
I don't know who my favorite is now- I am curious to see if the separated couple who keep winning will really start fighting if they stop getting first place. Should be fun!

Bryce and Mandy said...

Is it just me or does anyone else notice that they always seem to have one team on this show who are both blonde and wear pink all the time? :) I too couldn't figure out what the dad was saying and I couldn't figure out who he was and why they all acted like they knew who him. I was happy to finally figure out who he was (and yes, I too have had a secret crush on Phil :) Again, I still can't stand the separated couple and, like Christina, would like to see how they act towards each other when life isn't hunkydory. The divorcees again proved entertaining by running up the hill instead of driving up. I especially liked their response to the frat boys when they were asked what they were doing. Yeah, we just felt like walking up this giant hill while in a race instead of driving. Maybe it was to burn off the calories they knew they would be drinking later in the kiwi juice. I am actually liking the frat boys a little. I think I just find it so funny that the last time they had frat boys on they were very good looking and this time they have the two nerdiest looking frat boys they could find!

Lula O said...

The blonde pink teams are always from the South too. Don't dark headed people live there who like to wear blacks, blues, or purple's?