Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm an Obama Lover, not a Fighter

Lately, I've been feeling like a lone liberal reed in a vast field of conservative friends and associates (Not including my family of course, I come from a long line of Democrats.) Don't get me wrong; I love the heterogeneous diversity, the friendly banter back and forth is healthy and fun. Different political preferences need not be the acid test of friendship. Neither I, nor my friends are afraid to voice our opinions. I don't expect everyone to share mine and I'm mature enough to not let it bother me. My opinions are my own, nobody else's. It's called respect.

Not surprisingly, I'm often in the position of having to refute the many lies that have been told about Barack Obama, more so than any other candidate I can remember, even Bill Clinton! We are being fed a steady diet of lies backed up by fake "evidence"; let me name a few found on the Internet:
People still insist that he's Muslim; that he was born in another country; that his birth certificate is a forgery; that he won't say the Pledge of Allegiance; that he hates the American flag; that he hates Americans and America itself, and he even hates Americans who hate America because Americans hate the American flag -- in America.

And then there's the worst one imaginable, that he's for the killing of babies left alive from botched abortions. He's not. I'm wondering what they'll come up with next, since the "he's in bed with terrorists" plot isn't really panning out.

Now come on, Barack Obama is a smart, articulate, thoughtful person. He is not the devil. If he's elected he will not bring about the end of days. He will not condone 'live birth abortions'. He'll do what every other president has done on that issue. Not much. Are some of you under the impression that if McCain is elected he'll reverse Roe vs. Wade? That he will end all abortions? Did President Bush, who has invoked the name of his Creator in more speeches than any other president do it? No. Did Ronald Reagan, almost the most conservative president ever do it? No.

For those of us in Utah and Idaho, did the Republican dominated legislatures make abortion laws stronger in these states? No. Why, because unfortunately, and I'm pro-life by the way, it's all about electability. They say one thing and do another. It's what politicians do. Whoever is elected will not be able to change much, if anything.

I'm a democrat of many parts. I'm for the little guy, not going to war against every dictator who disagrees with us, everyone paying their fair share, health care for the elderly, and for not just the rich, investing in education, the environment (yes I do recycle, do you?), reasonable gun control, like banning guns from bars (a fantastic place to be carrying) and schools (an even better place) - a measure Governor Palin fought against in her state while mayor, eventually firing the police chief who disagreed with her.

These principles make perfect sense to me; they might not to anyone else, and I'm alright with that. Obama is also the sum of his parts. I don't agree with everything he's ever done, but who really says that about any political candidate? Only weird people. The fact that Obama can talk in complete sentences and doesn't require cue cards is just gravy on the stack of mashed potatoes. But if McCain's elected, I'm not frightened it will be the end of the world. We'll all survive. In all actuality, because of the financial crisis, there probably will be little difference between the two men.
(But, I must beg exception if McCain's second in command has to take over, because that does frighten me...)


Lula O said...

Sorry, but I feel there are a couple more things I should add to this topic. I’m not trying to convince anyone else or change someone else’s strongly held positions. I’m grateful there are people in the world willing to stand up for what they believe in.
But, I just want to make perfectly clear; the Mormon Church does not endorse or encourage us to join any specific political party. We believe in a two party system. Those of you who are having a hard time “wrapping their minds around that” should consult the church website and research it. There was an article in the Deseret News in Utah a few years ago on just this topic. I believe they interviewed Elder Jensen, who happens to be a Democrat. There have been and are still many general authorities who were Democrats; James E Faust, Spencer Kimball, Hugh B Brown, just to name a few.

Most people from both parties don’t agree with every single item on any particular platform. We all have different views on life. To me, the deaths from abortion are no different from the killing of hundred’s of thousands of innocent civilians in a needless war, or on the street from a gun bought online or without a background check.

And so, when I’m making a decision on where to place my vote for president, I try to keep this, and many other things in mind. Out of a choice between Obama or McCain, which one will stop abortions? Neither one will. Which one is more likely to engage in war with other countries? Or perhaps tackle reasonable gun control? Both candidates and their vp’s have made their stances perfectly clear in that regard. Those reasons and several others I’ve already mentioned, are the basis for the candidates I choose. Too much is at stake to let just one thing influence our vote, when so many things affect not just American’s but the world as a whole.

okbushmans said...

I am envious of the democratic party right now. They are honestly excited by their candidate, have hope, and have a belief their candidate will make a difference for the good. I don't think the republicans have had that excitement since Reagan (which is probably why he is still ranked high in their books). I completely agree with what you wrote about the Church's stance. And again, what you pointed out on Obama/McCain on abortion is completely true. That is not going to change. Honestly, I don't see a big difference between the two. Fiscally, I completely disagree with them both. Socially, McCain has a slight edge. Defense, McCain does have more experience. One thing that seems to sway me is the balance of power. I feel it is better for our country to have an executive party different from the legislative majority party. If the majority in congress is Dem, it gives more balance and checks having a Rep. Pres. Or vice versa. (Sorry about the long post!) But I love how you write! Keep it up, and check out ours:

Lula O said...

I agree with the rotating of the balance of power, and so does most of the country. Every four years or so it does seem to shift, even though the sitting president always insists they can get so much more done with a majority in the House and Senate. Does that ever happen? Ah, no. We are so on to them!

I was reading how this cyclic pattern also occurs in the party chosen to lead from the Oval Office. Unlike Europe, American's tend to shift right or left, depending on what's happening at the time, like the New Deal to the late 1960's - left. Too much big government because of it led to the Reagan era, a major swing right, cutting taxes and programs to spur growth. Then shifting to the Clintons in the 90's and then back again to Bush. When looked at from that perspective, from a distance even, the deficits and surpluses seem to even out over time. Makes me get goose pimples..., like my vote is predestined.

I've been enjoying momsintopolitics for like a week now; political debate is fun and thought provoking, but I'm afraid I've already annoyed some of your readership. In the future, I'll try to keep this in mind:
"If you can't think of anything appropriate to say, please restrict your remarks to the weather." Jane Austen

okbushmans said...

PLEASE DON'T DISCUSS WEATHER! I would much rather read your well thought out comments than the 'brainwashed republican' few who regurgitate what Rush tells them. (I hope you feel the same!) And honestly, I'm tempted playing devil's advoate just to see the response I get. I would much rather have educated disagreements than have one-sided discussions. America is about balance and compromise. And you need to "Declare yourself" and balance out our blog! Take the gloves off!

The Bradfords said...

I must make a comment on this the funnest blog EVER!!!
You and I must have grown up in parallel worlds, and like parallel lines we never crossed until now. When will the connections to the 80's end??? Love the throw-back to Michael Jackson who is probably an Obama "lover not a fighter" himself. I don't know--just a stereotypical assumption on my part. Sorry MJ.
But I must say that you are a much appreciated liberal reed. As I grow older and wiser I have found that people like you make my world a little more interesting. We may not agree on politics, but we do agree on good TV shows (especially from the 70's), good movies (NOT Xanadu) and even some books. I don't mind hearing your views on politics because you have valuable opinions that are not so far out there that a moderate Republican like myself can't appreciate them. And we can always talk about the weather! I love weather!
Thanks for sharing your opinions and humor. And don't worry, I'm pretty sure there is room for Democrats in heaven.

Lula O said...

Oh, I love you Bradford woman, in a completely asexual way of course (Peter may rest easy), but love just the same. We'll all be in heaven together, you, me, and Bill Clinton... We'll maybe not Bill. (He and Larry Craig will be a...somewhere else)

Bryce and Mandy said...

The Bradfords and Okbushmans,
I just wanted to thank you both for not being narrow-minded. For not judging someone else because they don't agree with you and attacking them anywhere you can. I am just really impressed with your attitude of let’s agree to disagree and we can move on with our lives and enjoy other things and not become freakishly obsessive and not let things go. So again, thank you both for being so open-minded! It is refreshing. Okbushman, I think you have a great site and I would love to comment more (I am just dying to comment on your Palin post) on it but I don’t feel welcome. It is unfortunate because it is a great site full of many posts that are well thought out, researched and include educated opinions, and even though I don’t agree with all of them I can respect you and your opinions and I would love to contribute with my own opinions and research. I, like you, believe we could have very interesting, educated, respectful agreements or disagreements but apparently others don’t feel the same. I feel that if I comment I am or will be attacked for disagreeing, which is too bad. But, I just wanted to say thank you again for restoring my faith that others may disagree with my opinions but they can be mature enough to be respectful and agree to disagree and not go on the attack.

Bray said...

Bryce and Mandy,
I hope it is not me who hasn't made you feel welcome to comment on our site. I deeply regret the comment I made on Jen's site and hope you accept my apology. I think everyone at sometime has spoutted off something in anger and when it was thought through regretted it. I have many Democrat friends and I have never been combative or unkind. I was frustrated at the moment and made an unwise comment. I love honest debate and I have found that when I get the other side more often than not I am better for it. Please do not hold back. We want to hear what you have to say.

okbushmans said...

Thank you Lula and Mandy, and I welcome you with open arms! (in an asexual way as well!) It has been interesting (and frustrating) to see how angry people get. There is a huge difference between passion and anger. But I feel you two can be included in on the "well thought out, researched and educated opinions" people. PLEASE don't hesitate in commenting!!! I'm so glad Allyson connected us! And I'm honored that I could restore your faith that there are some rational republicans in the world, and I can start my official count of 2 reasonable democrats! he, he, he!

The Bradfords said...

Yeah, honey, I was picturing heaven with demos like you, Pres. Faust and Elder Jensen. I doubt Bill Clinton will make it unless there is a lot of repentance and plan acceptance before that time. But stranger things have happened...
Too bad The Fonz couldn't run for president. Pinky would have made a great first lady.

Bryce and Mandy said...

Thank you Bray, I really appreciate your apology (and no, you haven't made me feel unwelcome). I have also written comments in anger and wished I had thought more about it before I posted it so I completely understand. Thank you for caring enough to take the time to apologize! It says a lot about your character. :)