Friday, October 24, 2008

Remember the $400 haircut?

Ah, he is a handsome devil, isn't he? The events of the past week remind me of the spring of 2007, the beginning of the end of John Edwards political career, just because he billed his campaign for his expensive Hollywood stylest haircuts. Out of touch elitist they called him. He took alot of heat for it, and I believe eventually paid it back. We all know now why he needed that stylish do, to impress the girlfriend that the (pardon my french) SOB had on the side. But enough about him, he's moved on into the pantheon of political-never lived up to their potentials because they are dumb, dumb, dumb-group.

I want to discuss how this relates to the issue of the $150,000 ($400 x 375) clothing and accessories bill for Sarah Palin and her family for the month of September. First of all, in her defense, I realize she probably bought very few, if any of the clothes, just like all the other candidates. I also realize that being in the public eye is expensive, and her clothes would be scrutinized, just like Hillary Clinton’s were (although for completely different reasons.) The McCain campaign asked Sarah Palin and her family to give up basically their entire lives until the election, so should they have to pay to look the part? Go into debt over it? Although it was a choice they made, I would say, probably not.

I do take some issue with how the amount of money spent on making her ‘presentable’ takes her message off task a bit, the one that says “she relates to everyday Americans,” the she’s just like you soccer moms, Walmart mom’s out there. For me personally, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a suit from Nordstrom’s or a suit from JcPenney. Being a politician is all about image, being careful what you do and say for fear of how it might look to potential voters. So I guess I’m surprised she didn’t put two and two together, especially after what happened to John Edwards, and when she was presented with these clothes, I wonder why she didn't say, “No, let’s tone it down a bit.”

Having grown up with a father who’s held some kind of political office for at least a third of his life, I know to be a politician or even a member of their family, you need skin as thick as buffalo hide. It’s hard and stressful to run for office, and equally so if you get elected. For some people that want to make a difference, it’s worth the mental toll it takes.

I watched the NBC interview last night with Sarah Palin, and I noticed something that bothers me still. Sarah Palin did not look like the fresh faced barracuda that gave that now infamous speech at the RNC. She looks older, the lines and crevices around her tired eyes have deepened. Even her hair had taken a different shape. The tone of her voice wasn’t light and snappy; it was sharper, harder, colder, like a hard sheet of ice covered that which it once was. She’s pissed, feeling like she’s gotten an unfair shake with the media. It’s taking a toll; that was extremely obvious, and after the interview I felt something I never thought I would. I felt bad for her.
If McCain’s ticket is elected, will she be nothing more than pretty window dressing on what I consider the tired old policies of the McCain building? I hope not. I hope she will have an effective, influential role in the Whitehouse because I would want any woman in that role to succeed. But, if the McCain ticket loses, will she bare the brunt of the blame? Probably, and that’s unfortunate. But, that's just my dumb, uneducated opinion.
So is she being unfairly scrutinized by the public and media, or does she deserve part of the negative attention she gets?


Ben and Christina said...

What bothers me about her clothes is that she called ME an elitist because I have a stamp in my passport, but claims that she is not. I guarantee you I have never spent more then $50.00 (honest!) on a suit.

I think the media would be much nicer to her if she would have agreed to do interviews with them- the McCain camp kept her way too tight underwraps (understandably, since she really can't hold her own in an interview), and that has led to so much of the negativity, in my opinion. She probably will take the brunt of a loss, but it was a poor gamble by McCain, so the blame should go to him.

Lula O said...

I agree, her part of the campaign has been handled badly, and some of it she has brought on herself (or better yet, by her political handlers). The package doesn't always match the message.
She and Biden are similar in that they don't seem to think before they talk - I just heard about the fruit fly comment she made and as a confessed bug girl, we'll, I just wish more girls (and boys) paid attention in science class.

The Bradfords said...

Let's not kid ourselves. As far as image goes, Sarah Palin is a puppet on a string right now. I would almost bet the farm on the fact that she didn't step foot in Nordstrom or any other store. Those clothes were all brought to her and she was told to try them on and pick the ones she liked best and that was that. She most likely didn't see the price tags or receipts and she has much more to worry about than how much this suit cost. (How much fun would that be to have them give you all these new clothes?) And if she said "No thanks, that's not the image of a hockey mom, let's go shopping at Walmart," they would have said "Just shut up and put on some more lipstick". Frankly, I cannot believe they've let her keep the glasses. I predicted those would be the first thing to go. Remember that Brady Bunch where Marsha gives her friend the makeover? Imagine what Marsha could have done if she had the budget of a presidential campaign. (See, it all relates to the 70's or 80's somehow). I am sure John Edwards had much more say about where he had his hair cut than Sarah Palin has about her wardrobe. We're much further along in the campaign now than when Johnny boy was having himself coiffed.

Lula O said...

I love looking at blogs, I keep learning words I didn't know existed. Like coiffed, I thought coi was like coitus, and maybe that had to do with sex. So I looked it up; you win some you lose some....

Although when I read your comment, I wanted to ask, so you want a vp whose a puppet on a string? But that wouldn't be fair, because most vp candidates slide into that catergory. References of infighting within the same ticket
are legion. Putting two gigantic egos together can present those kinds of problems. Like the tension that existed between Marsha and Jan. Isn't the Brady Bunch just like life? But seriously, you'd still vote for Palin and McCain after what you just said? Oh Marsha Marsha, Marsha!!

okbushmans said...

I completely agree that it would have sent a much stronger statement if she would have said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to the "good ol' boys" of Neiman Marcus, and gone with a less expensive wardrobe, but I highly doubt she has had any say in that. And as far as the style, I have found it extremely conservative, with the exception of a few knee high boots. They've got her in expensive yes, but conservative suits, with high necklines and conservative colors. She has got a great figure, and you'd think those neanderthal sexist pigs who run the RNC would have put her in a play-boy bunny outfit and make her do her sexy pageant walk.

I thought the whole $400 hair cut was hilarious. For any man to pay that much for just a simple haircut is ridiculous. And I just feel so bad for his poor wife. I can't imagine dealing with an aggressive form of cancer and then having the press hound you about an SOB cheating husband.

And Lula, THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS: "I would want any woman in that role to succeed". And I will respond in saying this, "I would want minority (black, asian, hispanic, polynesian, woman, ETC!) to succeed!" If it is Barack Obama, our country NEEDS his success! I just hope that either way it doesn't divide the country more than the results of the Bush Adm. has.

And for an "elitist liberal", you're pretty down to earth! :)

Ben and Christina said...

Her own people inside the McCain camp are now calling her a "diva" so the whole "I'm a hockey mom" is now completely out the window in my- and most people's-book. But, in her defense, she did have the "power" and the spotlight literally thrown on her overnight, and that is hard for anyone to overcome with a cool head.

Jen said...

I am so over the whole wardrobe thing. Seriously, they all (Dems and Reps) spend way to much. This is yet another media ploy to get the attention off the issues and on to less important things....not to say that how campaign money is spent isn't important. However, I don't hear ANYONE talking about how Barak's campaing has spent over $500,000 on food--can't his staff purchase their own lunches?!?! Seriously, the only reason why I bring it up is because there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much hypocracy. Let's get back to the issues.

Bryce and Mandy said...

Yes, how dare they eat.

Lula O said...

So, you've never charged meals to your work while on a business trip? It's not the same thing, and the hyprocrisy I was referring to was how Palin's real message seems geared more towards Ivana Trump than "everyday Americans". The facade is easy to see through even more so with her latest comment Saturday, that she's "back to wearing my own clothes from my favorite consignment store in Anchorage, Alaska." Too little, too late.

The Bradfords said...

You need to post a new recipe because I'm getting a little too into all this political stuff. I posted another comment about this and it was pretty good if I do say so myself, but it must be out in cyberspace somewhere because it didn't show up. Anyway, here's the gist of it:

1. Get your mind out of the gutter with my vocabulary!
2. I said that Palin was a puppet as far as her appearance goes, but I'm not so innocent (are you?) to believe that all four candidates are not being told what to do and how and when to do it to some extent. Really? That would cause me not to vote for McCain? I couldn't vote if that was my reasoning.
3. Why is it that just now we're getting info about Hillary's expensive clothes? And why has there never been any mention of the price of Obama's, Biden's, and
McCain's clothes? As if I'm supposed to believe they are not wearing $5000+ suits and $1000+ shoes? Whatever. I don't live in la-la land. I don't agree with much of what Jen says, but I do agree that this is a media ploy.

Okay, I feel a little better. I can get back to making my Halloween cookies.

Lula O said...

Want to post your Halloween cookie recipe as my Recipe of the Week?
Okay, uncle I say. Is there only one week to go? Holy Baloney I can't wait till its over. What will I do after next Tuesday? Oh, I know, I'll actually clean my house.