Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber - A Freath of Bresh Air

Anybody else watch the debate last night? I thought it the best by far of the three. The commentator was good, giving them plenty of time to answer - we'll let the philosophers decide if that was a good thing. There being so close to each other improved their being able to interact, and the split screens were hilarious. I want to do a whole other post on their smiles, Obama's -How you doing? Joey from Friends smooth one - to McCain's -I forgot to take my Kopecktate and I hate your guts Obama one.

I got so absorbed in the language, I only got Bingo once. McCain threw a bunch of new phrases and words into the mix that I wasn't prepared for. I took a semi-tally of some keepers that were mentioned alot or just plain stood out:
Joe the Plumber (see picture)- 21 times
Spread the wealth - 12 times, probably more; I lost count.
Well, a - they both said this about 100 times.
Kakamamee - McCain said it once, but that was enough.
Senator Government - Again only once.
If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should've run four years ago - McCain's best line of the night.
Sarah Palin is a freath of bresh air - Definitely my personal favorite.

But seriously, I learned alot about the differences between the two men, because I was engaged enough in this one to actually pay attention. McCain, obviously so frustrated, it seemed to ooze out of his pores. And Obama seemed a little too confident to me. Was that because he's ahead in the polls, or just because he's that way in general? I think both. McCain kept him on the defensive all night, turning it up a notch as he said he would. But instead of getting ruffled, Obama remained a study in freakish calm. The guy is seriously good at remaining in control, even with McCain throwing some serious fast balls his way.
Boy, am I glad it was the last one. Anyone else have any thoughts?


Ben and Christina said...

Pretty much I agree with you. I don't know if either candidate "won"- I think they both did what they needed to do. McCain needed to throw some punches, and he certainly came out fighting. Obama needed to not lose his cool and keep the topics on the economy. They both accomplished that, though by the end McCain was definitely losing it, which was funny. They must both be glad the debates are over!!!! I think, though, that McCain's punches were more for his base- the only group he seems to be appealing too. I don't think the punches helped him win over independents, but who knows? I could definitely be wrong!

Jen said...

I agree. This may come as a shock, but I thought that Obama did pretty good on the defense. His responses were clam and clear. I still disagree with his policies, but I can see why he got where he is today with the little experience that he has. I'm not knocking his experience, quite frankly, I think that sometimes less experience is better (I'm a fan on the person who brings in their experience, does what he has to do and then gets out. This whole "Career Politician" thing is just too much for me most of the time). Back to Obama, he's gotten far at a young age with not much under his belt. I agree with Christina that McCain lost in endurance. He came out stronger, but fizzled in the end.

It's interesting to see the polls. While Obama is still ahead, the gap is closing. I'm sure the polls are going to bounce around over the next 18 days. I think that this is either candidates campaign to lose.

okbushmans said...

I loved the McCain comment about running against Bush. How long has it taken him to come up with that zinger? He schooled that kahkamayme whippersnapper good! (spelling?) Obama was 'freakishly' calm, did come off too confident. I was tired of Bush and Ayers references, but I was glad to see McCain act like he wanted to be Pres. (Wasn't quite sure!) Obama is much more polished in tone and demeanor and is much more pleasant to listen to (as long as I'm not paying attention to policy disagreements). Best Presidential debate to date, I still think the VP debate was much more fun to watch.

Bryce and Mandy said...

I thought this debate was so much better then the last debate (I didn't watch the first one) based purely on the time thing. I was glad they were each able to answer the questions and to rebut and then to even be able to rebut again. I like it better that way because they are able to explain themselves. Plus, I really want to hear what they have to say. I thought they both did a good job. I am very impressed how both of them are able to respond so quickly and easily to tough questions and accusations. I was terrible at debate so I admire both of them for being so good at it. McCain does need to work on his poker face though. I'm sure Obama felt just as frustrated as McCain but McCain showed it by rolling his eyes more then once and appearing very frustrated, while Obama would just smile. I think it was represented best by SNL last night with the two pictures they showed, one of Joe Cool (you know, Snoopy with dark glasses on) and Yosemite Sam (if only I could add pictues to this). I heard someone say once that when Obama smiles he looks friendly and jovial, while when McCain smiles he looks menacing. It's nothing against McCain, that is just how he comes across to the public, which is too bad for him since you can't change the way you smile.

Bray said...

Ditto to most of your comments. I really can't add anything except that I am fascinated by the polls. I just don't know what to believe anymore. They are up and down, one day it's a runaway the next too close to call. I will really enjoy Election Day and think we may all be surprised at the outcome. It will either be a landslide or really close and acusations rampant.

Lula O said...

It's true, polls are usually pretty biased and I don't think they even include cell phone users. So for all we know, Ralph Nader could win.