Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buzzword Bingo - The Last Presidential Debate

Finally! Something the whole family can enjoy while glued to the TV.
We'll use pennies, even though now they're worth only half of one each....
(And what you win, you can put in the bank and earn .00000001% interest!)
Just copy and print in Word.

(I would've done an Obama one, but I couldn't think of any buzzwords attributed to him that I didn't already use. His habits more than his words annoy me, his long pauses, his long enunciation of words at the ends of sentences...ugh, drives me nuts. Hard to put those in bingo form.)

MY FRIENDS------------CHANGE----------------ECONOMY

BAILOUT---------------BIPARTISAN------------THAT ONE

VOTER-----------------FREE SPACE----------------BUSH





STRAIGHT-----------FREE SPACE----------------ECONOMY




okbushmans said...

Very creative! I didn't see an Obama bingo, which I'll borrow yours and add an Obama one (I'll add a link to your site in the post). In regards to your comment about the purpose of the govt, I think this is where most Rep and Dem honestly disagree. I believe the govt's role is to "promote the general welfare" not insure it. Yes, the New Deal helped bring them out of the depression (also WWII) but look at the differences between then and now. Majority of the country was NOT in thousands of dollars in credit card debt, buying more than they can pay for, we were still on a gold standard, and 10% of the country wasn't already on govt. assistance. Black tuesday was not a direct result of the PEOPLE'S spending habits, which I find a huge contributor today. I am not against the govt intervening in some form, I just felt they jumped the gun, added unnecessary spending, and are turning away from a free market economy.

Lula O said...

I see your point, but to be fair, I referred to the Depression because I do see alot of similarities with what happened then, with what's happening now. There was alot of borrowing then, for not their needs, but their wants, like radios and cars. Alot of the people bought like 60% of cars and 80% of radios with credit. The banks made it easy to get. This led to increased investment by the wealthy, but eventually capped off, causing over production, and a decrease in RCA stock. Investors lost confidence, and thus began the downward spiral.
That sounds eerily like the mortgage companies and bank collapses of today. We got credit and house buying happy. Our wants outweighed the needs. In truth, we were gluttonous. We are still. Like you say, it's on a much grander scale now and how they've handled it, I agree has been too hasty. I keep reading how they've had to make adjustments every few days or so. The market has been slow to react. But I honestly think it will be okay. We will recover, eventually.